Registering on the site enables you to post messages on our bulletun board so just follow these step by step instructions!

     STEP 1

Find the option "Forums" in the menu at the side of this page and click on it.

You should see a page similar to this.

     STEP 2

Find the word "Register" at the top of the forums page and click on it. You will now find a page similar to this.

     STEP 3

Read the "Registration Agreement Terms" and then click the option below them that signifies that you agree to the terms.

You should now see a page similar to this.

Now simply fill in all the details that the form asks for and press SUBMIT at the very bottom of the form. After this allow a couple of hours to be on the safe side but then look inside your email INBOX, your deleted folder and your anti-spam email folder and even your bulk email folder (all folders in your email system really) and you will find our welcome email welcoming you to the site!

     STEP 4

You MUST find the welcome email and read it, because the welcome email ACTIVATES your account. Just click on a special link in the welcome email and you will be participating in the top PCSO site in the UK today, before you know it!!

Looking forward to seeing you on the forums!!