National Traffic


National Traffic launched in 2006. Traffic Officers themselves had only been on our motorways for 12 months at that time and yet there was no specific, unofficial social media website yet set up for HATOs!

Pretty soon a small merry band of T.Os and T.O friendly cops had got together on the National Traffic forums and in that launch year 2006, we saw a great spike of participation, discussion and involvement and for the next few years, National Traffic saw some pretty hectic and at times, sensational exchange of views!

  What is the future of National Traffic now ?

In 2013 the domain name National Traffic went up for sale click here for more info on that, at the same time as a hefty dip in membership and participation on the site.

  What is the future of Traffic Officers now ?

When you consider that Traffic Officers perform up to 90 per cent of tasks previously undertaken by the police on our motorways today it is pretty clear that there is no going back.

England's motorways need a Uniformed Presence to provide roadside assistance and attention. The most dangerous roads we have need an Agency of Authority to be there at the times when things go wrong. For FIFTY years that job was done by our Police Force in the shape of various Traffic Departments across the Land. Some would say that employing Police Officers to do that costs an inordinate amount of money and there must be a cheaper way of doing it. Hey presto and in 2005 Highways Agency Traffic Officers are patrolling Surrey motorways instead of Surrey Police, "releasing Police Officers back to the front line"!

  What does it all mean ?

Well that's what we want to know as well, could you join us and add your experience, your opinion and your guidance to the forums? We have an impressive back catalogue of old threads and old discussions dating back years. These are interesting and valuable, but more important are today's issues. What can you tell us about T.Os today? CAN YOU JOIN US? Come aboard!