you opened an account on this site but cannot LOG IN?

there are set procedures to help you obtain your password while ensuring that only the right person i.e the account holder, gets access to their profile

let us remind you of the set procedures already in place

let us encourage you to use those set procedures to retrieve your password

but at the end of the day, if you are still LOCKED OUT of your account, please be assured that we do want to help you

on the other hand - please be patient, we must be certain that you are the person who opened your account and no one else

we will help you to give us the evidence that we need to be certain that you are who you say you are
before you begin reading the RE-ESTABLISH YOUR IDENTITY SCHEME please ensure that you have checked every folder in your outlook email set up

have you checked

  • your spam folder?
  • your deleted folder?
  • your trash folder?
  • your junk folder?
  • all other folders?

check in all of these email folders to see whether there is an email from us providing you with a password reminder, it could save you a lot of time!

RE-ESTABLISHING YOUR IDENTITY is a priority for this site, so help us to help you by providing information in your email that nobody else but you would know e.g. your IP no, your previous email addresses, a specific date and time that you made a payment to the site.

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