2020 items

select for full details Wiltshire Police only force in England to increase PCSO numbers in past decade
By Hedi Mehrez 14 May, 2020

Workforce data from the Home Office shows that since 2010, Wiltshire has increased the number of PCSOs by more than 14 per cent, taking the total from 126 PCSOs to 144 PCSOs across the Force.

Every other force in the country has reduced the number of PCSOs in their local teams.

Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson said: "Community policing has been a priority for me throughout my time as Commissioner and despite the savings that Wiltshire has had to make over the past 10 years maintaining community policing has always been top of agenda.

"Each force clearly has their own priorities, but here in Wiltshire PCSOs continue to be the bedrock of local policing.

"They have a different role to play than police officers and by engaging with our communities and supporting those most vulnerable they continue to be the eyes and ears of the communities."

Chief Constable Kier Pritchard added: "Our PCSOs carry out an invaluable role within Wiltshire Police and are a key part of our Community Policing Teams.

"They are different to police officers, in that they do not have the same powers, but they are a vital tool when it comes to community engagement.

"Our PCSOs focus on issues such as intelligence gathering, community liaison, foot patrols and law enforcement for matters such as minor crime, antisocial behaviour and road safety, freeing up police officers to focus on the issues that require policing powers.

select for full details Mob of police arrive in park to help PCSO humiliated by lockdown flouters
This is the moment a mob of police officers swarmed a park to dish out fines to a group of Covidiots who filmed themselves humiliating a lone PCSO after stealing his bike.
By Sam Corbishley 8 May, 2020

Earlier footage showed the men laughing and mocking the community support officer who had tried to encourage them to disperse and comply with social distancing guidelines after spotting them playing cricket in Slough.

Another clip has now emerged of what happened moments later as what appears to be more than a dozen police officers - each wearing PPE - descended on Godolphin playing fields following a call for back up.

Police later confirmed that Hassan Ali, 23, was charged with a public order offence as well as with taking a bicycle without consent.

He was bailed to appear at Reading Magistrates' Court on June 4.

select for full details In the first clip, one of the men can be seen swiping the PCSO's bike as he appealed for them to leave before pals begin filming it on their phones and taunting the officer.

One can be heard telling him: "Go home! How are you going to get home, officer? Where's your bike?"

The second video shows a number of officers arriving to bring the incident to an end after the dispirited PCSO called for support.

Thames Valley Police released an image of a man riding a bicycle who they wish to speak to in connection with the incident.

A force spokesman said: "It follows an incident at around 7.55pm on Monday, in Godolphin playing fields, in which a Thames Valley Police Community officer was intimidated by a group of males playing cricket."

Investigating officer, Police Constable Chris Fry based at Slough police station, said: "We are releasing an image of a man who we believe may have vital information to assist us in our investigation.

"If anyone recognises this man, or if this is you, we would ask you to please to come forward and contact us."

Comments from the newspaper: Bob_55   8 May 2020

So let's get this straight, they taunt the guy in English, but the minute they're all rounded up, some cover their faces and they all appear to be talking in a foreign language! Really? For one, we've already seen what you all look like in your own video, which you were oh so kind to share to social media, but why the sudden language change? As for saying they're teenagers, nope the one waiting to go to court is 23; and by the looks of it, the others are all in their 20's as well, old enough to know better.
Comments from the newspaper: LoftBits   9 May 2020
Well, they never appeared to be particularly smart, did they?... Social media is sooo tempting, and it has helped so many times to catch morons (fortunately) who shoot themselves in the foot by posting these. (N.B. I remember a girl was arested for stealing jewelry after she posted selfies wearing the stolen goods and boasting about it!).
Let's face it - smart criminals are beyond reach...

select for full details Doncaster man jailed after coughing on PCSO and saying 'I hope you get COVID and die'
A South Yorkshire Police chief has condemned 'sickening' attacks on his officers.
By Alex Grove 20 May, 2020

A disgusting Doncaster man who coughed on a police officer before saying 'I hope you get COVID and die' has been jailed.

Keith Thompson, 40, of Stapleton Road, Warmsworth, was charged with assault on an emergency worker after the horrific threat was made to a PCSO earlier this month.

Yesterday, he appeared at Doncaster Magistrates' Court where he was jailed for 20 weeks and ordered to pay £150 in compensation.

Thompson is just one of three Doncaster people who have recently been punished through the courts for attacking emergency workers.

Toni Swinburn, 19, coughed in police officers' faces numerous times and said she was suffering from COVID-19 when during a visit to her home in Urban Road, Hexthorpe.

She was charged with assault on an emergency worker and given a 20-month suspended sentence. Swinburn was also ordered to pay two sums of £150 in compensation.

The third guilty party was Cheryl Hall, of Bankwood Crescent, Rossington, who was jailed for five weeks on Saturday, May 9.

This came after the 28-year-old was charged with assault of an emergency worker and being drunk and disorderly in a public place after officers attended an incident in Conisbrough on May 7.

select for full details Community police officer takes boy struggling with lockdown out on patrol
PCSO Mo Kanneh went the extra mile to help the 12-year-old, who has ADHD.
By Shropshire Star 20 May, 2020

A community police officer stepped in to help a 12-year-old boy struggling with lockdown restrictions, by inviting him to join him on patrol.

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO ) Mo Kanneh, based at Brixton police station, went the extra mile to help the young boy, who has ADHD, after he received an email from a local councillor asking if he could go and speak to the child.

The unnamed youngster, who lives in a foster home, had become increasingly frustrated with having to stay at home.

the officer, who has been with the Metropolitan Police for 16 years, said: "I had a real heart-to-heart with the child and gave him advice on how he could be a good boy for his family.

"I then made a promise to him that if he was good, I would take him out with me on a cycle patrol in Brockwell Park. His eyes lit up at the prospect of being able to go out on patrol with me, and so I hoped that this might result in a change in his behaviour."

When PCSO Mo Kanneh called the family five days later, he discovered the boy had been well-behaved since his visit and was looking forward to joining the officer out on patrol.

Comments from TWITTER: Metropolitan Police   19 May 2020

PCSO Mo Kanneh @MPSHerneHill went above and beyond, displaying true community spirit when he invited a youngster who had been struggling with the lockdown restrictions to join him on patrol
"I joined to look out for people in the community"

2019 items

select for full details PCSOs deliver emergency prescriptions during Snow
THAMES VALLEY POLICE in Bicester battled through yesterday's snow to help pharmacies deliver emergency prescriptions.
By James Roberts 2 Feb, 2019

Thames Valley Police's Neighbourhood Team were pictured transporting the vital items across the town after the weather meant they had to cancel a bike security workshop.

The Bicester force's Twitter account revealed they were called into action on a variety of fronts due to the snow, adding they were 'far from idle'.

select for full details "Another body down" - Falmouth to lose PCSO
PCSO Ellie Grey is leaving the force to take up a new role with Falmouth University.
By Macro Ferrari 29 Jan, 2019

She will not be replaced by another officer.

PC Matt Cummins made the announcement at a meeting of Falmouth Town Council last night (Monday January 28).

He said: "PCSO Ellie Grey is leaving the police family, obviously she's going to be really missed."

Councillor for Boslowick ward Patricia Minson asked PC Cummings: "Is Ellie going to be replaced or is it another body down?"

Although she is leaving the police force, Ellie will still run the police cadets.

Ellie's policing work has had a big impact on the community over the years, and in April of last year she was recognised for her contributions to the town with an invite to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

Sector Inspector John Hannaford said: "It is true that PCSO Ellie Grey is leaving the force, she has been an outstanding member of the team and she will be missed.

"We will not be replacing her as this departure will see us with six PCSO's within the Falmouth and Helston sector, which is the current threshold we have for PCSO's within this area."

When the officer moves on to her new role at the university, Falmouth's neighbourhood policing team will be reduced to seven officers including one sergeant, two constables and four PCSOs.

select for full details Bearwood PCSO police chase death
A man has appeared in court charged with killing an off-duty PCSO whose car was hit by a vehicle being pursued by police.
By BBC NEWS 24 Jan, 2019

Holly Burke, 28, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash in Lordswood Road, Birmingham, on Tuesday night.

Darren Ogom, 42, did not enter a plea to a charge of causing death by dangerous driving when he appeared at Birmingham Magistrates' Court.

He was remanded in custody to appear at the city's crown court on 21 February.

Mr Ogom spoke only to confirm his name, address and nationality during a five-minute hearing.

He is accused of causing Ms Burke's death by driving a silver Renault Megane Scenic dangerously.

Police said the vehicle had been involved in a 15-minute police pursuit before it collided with Ms Burke's car in the Bearwood area of the city.

Mr Ogom, of Longdales Road, Kings Norton, also faces charges of driving without a licence, driving with no insurance and failing to stop for a police officer.

2018 items

select for full details Video: A different kind of individual pursuit - Derby PCSO chases down bike thief
Scott Liddle was handed a suspended sentence less than two weeks ago - now he's behind bars for reoffending...
By Simon MacMichael 6 Sep, 2018

Police in Derbyshire have released dramatic footage of a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) setting off in pursuit of a man who had been planning to steal a bike from a shelter at the train station at Pride Park.

PCSO Jim Sadler of the Alvaston Safer Neighbourhood Team was on a bike patrol on the afternoon of Thursday 23 August when he spotted 37-year-old Scott Liddle acting suspiciously.When the officer stopped to challenge him, Liddle handed him his backpack – later found to contain a pair of bolt croppers - and rode off.

select for full details Suspected 'spice drug' seized in Taunton town centre by PCSO
the drugs will be be sent for forensic examination
By Michael Taylor 16 Oct, 2018

a police community support officer seized two packets of substances which are believed to be the illegal drug, spice.

PCSO Sam Bushden was on patrol on Saturday afternoon and evening (October 13) in Taunton town centre.

Here he took packets containing illegal substances from "multiple individuals" and believes the bags contain the drug spice.

The "green vegetable matter" will be be sent for forensic examination.

A Facebook post from the PCSO reads: "Throughout my shift I have seized the below packets off of multiple individuals throughout the town centre.

"In these circumstances, we would call the substance a green vegetable matter, because until it's been tested, we don't know for definite what it is.

select for full details Emergency incident as PCSO steps in to save a life in Doncaster Market Place
hero police community support officer Natalie Martin sprang into action to save the life of a man found unconscious and not breathing on a Doncaster street.
By David Kessen 26 Oct, 2018

Natalie was on patrol with another officer in Doncaster market on Sunday September 30, a quiet day in the area, when the market was not open.

She saw a man in a doorway at Market Place and became concerned about his appearance, as his skin appeared grey. He was not breathing - so she sprang into action with cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, while her colleague called for an ambulance.

Natalie said: "It was on a Sunday, which is not a market day, so the market was really quiet.

"As I went up, I saw he was not moving. His skin was grey and his lips were blue. "I thought he was dead at first. But I stretched him out. I could get a faint pulse, but there was no breathing.

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2018 items

select for full details Sacked PCSO has now been kicked out of Lancashire's fire service
A FORMER police community support officer - sacked by Lancashire Constabulary after being arrested over alleged domestic violence - has now been dismissed by the county's fire service.
By Peter Magill 12 Oct, 2018

Paul Baden, then known as Paul McGladdery, hit the headlines in 2007 when he was questioned by colleagues on suspicion of attacking his then-partner.

An assault charge against the officer, which he denied, was eventually dropped by prosecutors when the case came to court.

But the incident was enough to merit the probationary PCSO, who covered the West Craven area, being kicked out of the force.

It has now emerged that McGladdery, who is understood to have subsequently changed his name to Baden, has also been booted out of the fire service. He is believed to be considering an appeal.

He is understood to have started out as a retained firefighter at Colne after he left the police.

Later he moved on to become full-time officer at Bacup, later transferring to work in Fleetwood.

Fire chiefs have declined to confirm the exact reasons behind Baden's dismissal, but it is believed he has been suspended for the past seven months while the disciplinary process went on.

One source told the Lancashire Telegraph: "The brigade was warned by a fellow employee of the individual's previous and ignored the facts.

"It has been a ridiculously drawn-out state of affairs which has been going for most of the year."

A spokesman for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that an individual had been subject to an internal disciplinary procedure which had resulted in his dismissal and which has a right of appeal.

Before he was taken on by Lancashire Police, he had previously worked as a lifeguard and football coach at Pendle Leisure Centre in Colne.

select for full details 'I was treated like dirt': Former prison officer reveals how working conditions forced her to leave service
'I was told if you're not happy here, there's the door. There was no support, I'd never been so excited about a job but I came out of it feeling so hateful towards the service'
By May Bulman 30 Aug, 2018

Tess Wale had wanted to become a prison officer for years. At the age of 39, after having children, she was finally able to do the 10-week training course and qualify. On 29 May 2017, she drove to HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire for her first shift.

The Birmingham resident arrived on her first day to find that nobody was aware it was her start date. She was told to go home. On the second day, she was given a brief induction and sent straight to the wing.

"For my first few days on the wing, I didn't have any protection. I had no baton," she tells The Independent. "I was walking around with inmates who were in there for life for whatever crimes they had committed, without any form of protection."

select for full details PCSO saves bleeding man's life with spoon and belt
'a community police officer saved a man from bleeding to death by using a spoon and a belt to staunch a serious wound'
By Press Assoc 10 Oct, 2018

PCSO Matthew Kieboom used the improvised tourniquet to stop the "catastrophic" blood loss after a man severely cut his hand and forearm.

The officer was on patrol in Cardigan, Mid Wales, when he noticed the injured man lying on the floor suffering 'uncontrollable bleeding' from injuries caused by smashed glass.

The Dyfed-Powys Police PCSO, who was previously deployed with the military in Iraq, wrapped his belt around the man's arm and got a member of the public to fetch a spoon which he used to tighten the makeshift bandage and stop the bleeding.

PCSO Kieboom said: 'Despite excellent direct pressure being applied to the wounds by a member of the public, the only reason the bleeding came under control was because an improvised tourniquet was applied and the pressure was maintained.

'I cannot stress enough how effective the tourniquet can be - even a Blue Peter version - with what you have to hand or nearby. Think pens, ties, batons, slings, even torches and the plastic tube for a breathalyser can be used in making an improvised tourniquet.'

PTC : The Police Treatment Centres

select for full details For a modest payment each month you could have the comfort of knowing PTC will be there for you if you are ill or injured
Once signed up, a monthly donation will be taken directly from your bank and you will then be eligible to apply for free treatment at the PTC
Helen Wynn-Evans, a West Yorkshire PCSO, recently attended the Treatment Centre in Harrogate following an ankle injury during a charity run. Helen was fortunate that she was only put on restricted duties for a couple of days but the pain she was experiencing made it difficult to carry out her daily foot patrol, an important aspect of the job.

Helen shared her experience at the Centre: "After two doctors' visits and four months of physio, the Treatment Centres picked up additional nerve damage around my knee, which had been causing the continued discomfort, and treated this straight away. While it sounds silly, I didn't realise how much the injury was affecting me 'mood wise', just by someone confirming that I had actually injured myself made a huge difference! Then reassuring me that things do take time to heal and it's okay to be patient. On top of that, being encouraged to try other activities that I would not have usually considered proved that I still had the mobility to maintain my fitness whilst not causing further pain by pushing myself too much."

America leads the way on Three Strikes Laws

Should the UK follow that lead?

welcome to Prison Officers .Org.UK The state of Washington passed the first three strikes law in 1993. Anyone convicted of three separate violent felonies was then sentenced to life in prison with no chance for Parole. The state of California followed, in 1994, by enacting a three strikes law that mandates a sentence of 25 years to life for a third felony conviction. Unlike Washington, the California law counted nonviolent felonies, such as Burglary and theft, as "strike" offenses. The popularity of the three strikes law in California was pronounced. By 2001 over 50,000 criminals had been sentenced under the new law, far more than any other state, with almost one-quarter of the inmates facing a minimum of 25 years in prison.welcome to Prison Officers .Org.UK Not surprisingly, California's law has drawn the most attention in the debate over three strikes statutes.

Should the UK follow that lead?

Back here in the UK, we have plenty of criminals who are career criminals, so many "catch me if you can" career criminals, simply return to their criminal ways virtually as soon as they are let out of prison (again)

The UK's Revolving Door Justice System serves the public poorly

Spending money to keep society safe is money well spent and that is THREE STRIKES in a nutshell. 25 years have passed since America started the process of introducing THREE STRIKES Laws. Isn't it about time that the UK at least began TALKING about THREE STRIKES?

2018 items

select for full details Thurrock PCSO picks up award for diversity and equality
Macdonald Neife, chairman of the minority and ethnic support association, has won a national award for his work
By Braintree and Witham Times 14 Oct, 2018

The Police Staff Award at this year's National Black Police Association was presented to Mr Neife for his passion and dedication in driving positive change within the force by reaching out to, and engaging with, people from diverse backgrounds.

Mr Neife champions the force as an inclusive organisation and has been heavily involved in Essex Police's first diversity and inclusion campaign due to launch at the end of the year.

The positive work of the officer and MESA is playing a key part in making the police workforce more inclusive and breaking down any barriers which may exist between Essex Police and communities.

Chief constable BJ Harrington said, "Mac is an absolute star and I'm so proud that his work has been recognised on the national stage.

"Mac's work supporting officers and staff from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds and his advocacy in those communities in Essex for the police as a great career choice is exemplary. Like many other police forces we need to work harder and more effectively to address the under-representation of different communities in our county.

select for full details Police could suspend 101 non-emergency number
Bedfordshire Police suspended the service this week to cope with a spike in calls
By Lizzie Dearden 10 Nov, 2018

Police forces across the country could start suspending the non-emergency 101 service to cope with an influx of calls, it has been warned.

Bedfordshire Police announced a "suspension" of 101 after a spike in 999 calls last week, in what could be the first move of its kind.

But The Independent has learned there is no requirement for police forces to inform authorities or the public if they take the same decision.

Suspensions of 101 are not formally recorded by either the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) or the Home Office, meaning that the scale of the practice is unknown.

select for full details 'Fake ambulance' pulled over by Swansea police
An "apparently fake" ambulance vehicle was pulled over as it was being driven by a man in Swansea, police have said.
By BBC NEWS 13 Nov, 2018

The estate car, which was covered in highly-visible paint and logos, was stopped at Penclawdd, Gower, on Monday.

The 19-year-old driver was held on suspicion of driving whilst disqualified, with no insurance and other offences.

The Welsh Ambulance Service confirmed it was not one of its vehicles and the driver was not an employee.

Twitter "Male arrested this morning for driving this ambulance in Penclawdd for driving whilst disqualified/no insurance+other offences. Great team work by #team3townhill @SWP_Roads #GowerNPT + @WelshAmbulance.Please note this is not a @WelshAmbulance vehicle nor is the driver an employee"