About us

Welcome to national-PCSOs and here are some brief introductions referring to your site leaders

current moderators
Lieutenant Fatman

the Lieutenant is a veteran PCSO in the MET and is an experienced motorcyclist currently with a gleaming Triumph 600

ruben Joined the Police in 2007 when he was 19 as a PCSO and did that role for 11 months, prior to joining as a PC. He is now a 24/7 officer and covers duties including PSU and taser. In his spare time he does casual duties at local theatres working backstage which is his true calling!

Falkor is ex-MET and has a passion for the old heavy music such as Deep Purple and Rainbow
2013 moderators, Gualsa and mj12cz

Gualsa is a veteran PCSO in Norfolk and an absolute expert on Mint Ritter Sport, Little Britain and hedge hogs

Mj12cz is a veteran PCSO in Lincolnshire and is greatly interested in uncovering the truth behind UFO sightings

national-PCSOs began life in 2004 - within a month the site had 100 members and for 2004 we saw a rollercoaster of increasing participation on the site's ever popular phpBB2 forums

In 2008 "national-pcsos" gave way to and improved, faster and more secure phpBB3 forums were installed. national-PCSOs seeks to bring PCSOs together in one place, where issues of the day can be mulled over calmly and seriously and support and friendly advice shared