More tasks for PCSO's?

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Re: More tasks for PCSO's?

by powdermonkey » Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:44 am

I remember seeing an incident log at my previous force that was password protected; it was something to with a senior officer. Nowadays it's one password to log on to the system and then again to access a system called Corvus which we use for briefings.

Re: More tasks for PCSO's?

by falkor » Tue Jun 14, 2016 10:26 pm

'password protected' only has 1 place in any routine areas of a computer system worth its salt and that is to simply LOG YOU IN

that is the same on this site too!!

the people running the site / intranet/ network must see to it that things are organised so that "the system" recognises that individual as soon as they LOG IN, from then on, the system should know exactly where they can or cannot tread .....

I must say SURREY POLICE have gradually improved and improved on this score to the goal described above - I am automatically logged in to Niche whenever I need it, no password, same with ICAD and that is how it should be - Facebook has gone the same way - although there comes a time with each system that the path a user is about to tread, is recognised by "the system" as so potentially 'destructive' or 'critical' that yes an exception occurs and you are asked to RE-ENTER your password even after being logged in - which I agree with, I have seen Facebook and phpBB do this recently but in only vital "danger" situations now - obviously this must happen in our Police systems too somewhere but I haven't seen it
At the time, a number of employees did, out of curiosity I imagine, but as they could not justify their actions they were subject to discipline proceedings
such curious dabblings were rife 20 years ago, no one really saw the harm in it back then

but over the last 20 years more and more discipline cases have seen publicity as tolerance to such misbehaviour has reduced and reduced

the ultimate example of these cases is where an individual is not simply acting out of curiosity but is in fact corrupt, they are receiving money for looking at matters not concerning them - money from criminals. I think 20 years ago it was barely conceivable that that was on the cards but sadly that has happened to the shame of us all

Re: More tasks for PCSO's?

by powdermonkey » Wed Jun 08, 2016 7:28 pm


As far as I'm aware I have full access with the obvious caveat that it must be for a policing purpose. For example, do you recall a girl from Wakefield being on X Factor under the name Chloe Mafia. Apparently, she has (so I'm told) criminal convictions. Whilst I can physically access her Niche file I would have to justify why. At the time, a number of employees did, out of curiosity I imagine, but as they could not justify their actions they were subject to discipline proceedings. I believe at least one person was sacked, probably because it wasn't the first time they had done this sort of thing (Misuse of Computers Act). I've never experienced or heard of a file, crime etc that is password protected for example. Some files have entries on them regarding sensitive financial information (for example) and you're directed to contact the specialist unit to access that info (with your reasons as well I suppose)
I can create, read and update crime reports, intelligence reports, vehicle, person and property details, business and address details. I can access officer details, my tasks (e.g. requested to collect CCTV footage).
If there is a part of the system that I can't access (with the above caveat), I've not heard of it.

Re: More tasks for PCSO's?

by falkor » Tue Jun 07, 2016 10:47 pm

Niche!! haha that is crucial !! A couple of years ago Surrey Police paid out 1£million to invent a new Crime Recording system to finally enable the retirement of the ancient CIS that came in over 10 years previous. CIS was so old that the mouse wasn't even programmed for - it was all function keys. Look at the top of your keyboard, you see F1, F2 etc

They had cardboard templates to fit around the F keys that would say what they would do, mouse did nothing at all. Anyway we all went on training courses as the time got nearer for the new "SIREN" as it was called, but then the era of PCCs happened

Our PCC took one look at this new system, he had "serious misgivings" and after a while looked at our sister force SUSSEX

Guess what they had? NICHE!! Guess what we got next? NICHE!! so that's what happened we got Niche but not before £1Million was spent on inventing the wheel all over again - what access do you have to Niche Powdermonkey?

Re: More tasks for PCSO's?

by powdermonkey » Thu May 12, 2016 8:33 pm

Our reports are called Misper7 and go on to the general occurrence system, Niche. I'm more than happy to consider new roles/tasks etc as it gives me variety but I'm wary that the role will change significantly but the pay won't reflect that change.
The force recently put our role up on the intranet in the current "news headlines" - it still shows us as non confrontational (oh how we laughed) and that we don't investigate crimes. Now that's an interesting one. One of my colleagues is a Unison rep & when he raised this with a very senior officer, detailing how for example we'd take a damage to vehicle report, put the crime on the system, do the house to house and CCTV trawl, do the victim contact/update stuff and close it (only if there was a suspect named etc or forensics would it be allocated to a PC, the very senior officer said that that wasn't investigating a crime, that was crime enquiries. What bollocks. If that victim rang up to ask how the investigation was going, would the reply be "It's not being investigated"? Imagine the reaction! I'm sure the victim wold be reassured with a comment of "It's being enquired into"! Methinks a certain very senior officer needs to re-read a dictionary.

Re: More tasks for PCSO's?

by falkor » Thu May 12, 2016 8:11 pm

Surrey PCSOs have just been trained on specific duties around Domestics

obviously I'm not talking about the immediate initial response but all the bureacracy afterwards, full details + the kitchen sink from the victim in the comfort of their own home

Misper reports went onto a separate computer system entirely in the MET some 20 years back - Merlin I think it was called, in an effort to ensure routine high quality supervision of the Missing Person reports

I expect you're talking about something similar - new log in, new password, new training to put one of these reports on

More tasks for PCSO's?

by powdermonkey » Fri Apr 29, 2016 5:49 pm

A few days ago myself and another PCSO were asked, separately, if we could do Misper 7's. We both replied no and later asked our Sgt if this was something in the pipeline that we hadn't yet heard about. He was unaware of it and said he make enquiries but hasn't got back to us yet. I don't know how complicated the forms are but understand there's training involved which is fair enough.

Do any other forces use their PCSO's to take misper reports? Any thoughts on it?