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Re: swap a role

by powdermonkey » Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:58 am

Sorry, didn't mean to be dismissive. Thinking about it, where I work there's 3 variations (for want of a better word) in the role of PCSO's where you'd get slightly different experiences.

There's a largely rural area which would get the usual burglaries, vehicle crime, some ASB and neighbour disputes.

There's the urban area where you'd get the same but more of it, plus a lot more drug offences.

Finally, there's the town centre, where there'd be less of the neighbour disputes but more shoplifting and alcohol related issues.

I Know nothing about the areas these two PCSO's work but there's no info in the post to say what each would gain by swapping roles. Are they just swapping areas? Does one have little or no experience in ASB issues?

As for medals, I think our force policy that nothing is worn that is uniform issue, although a blind eye is turned to things such as Help for Heroes badges, Police related charities such as COPS and, of course, poppies. I don't know anyone who wears medals as a matter of course although they are obviously worn on ceremonial duties. I doubt force policy would permit the wearing of non police medals such as ones earned during military service.

The only medal I have is my long service/good conduct one and that isn't designed to be worn. I know a few officers wear the coloured wrist bands that denote certain charitable causes etc but it seems to be left to local supervisors to allow or deny permission. Personally, I have no problem provided there's no health and safety issue e.g. wristbands getting caught.

Re: swap a role

by falkor » Sun Nov 30, 2014 10:49 am

PM did you notice that one of them has a medal? If you have a medal should you wear it on your fluorescent jacket? I have seen an increase in Police Staff wearing their medals in Surrey Police lately so is it a good thing? should more PCSOs and Police Staff be proud and wear their medals? I am sure there are plenty who have medals who choose not to.

Role swapping at first glance does seem to be a waste of time, in fact sometimes it looks absolutely like a backward step. However I am very close to a certain PCSO who got bounced around the MET with 4 or 5 nicks in 7 years SW London to North London and quite a few in between. At the time this sounds like madness but that PCSO now has an enormous experience of how 5 different SNTs work, problem solving and offences galore. He has been "enriched" with the variety of scenarios and working practices - these moves happened as he changed address - so ended up with "role swapping" at his own request - he's staying put now but looks back at a rich tapestry of Neighbourhood Policing, he knows all the different approaches and has seen all the depths of PCSO Supervison the MET has to offer

So don't dismiss it out of hand :slby:

Re: swap a role

by powdermonkey » Sat Nov 29, 2014 3:55 am

What will they be doing that they don't already do? He could do with buying a hair brush and a razor.

swap a role

by falkor » Fri Nov 28, 2014 9:50 pm

Letchworth and Baldock PCSOs swap roles

11:15 24 November 2014 by James Scott

New Baldock and Letchworth police community support officers are determined to tackle anti-social behavior after swapping roles

:slzip: would you fancy swapping roles?? :slch2: