Salary? Benefits? Probation length?

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Re: Salary? Benefits? Probation length?

Post by lovenatalie » Tue Jul 15, 2008 5:27 pm

Hi all,

Just thought I would say I am a PCSO for Norfolk Constabulary, just going through phase 1. I love it so far - I completely understand what is expected of me when in and out of training and on and off duty. I have a great salary (I got paid on the third day of training but I think that was a coincedence lol) and I know where I am going to be stationed. My probation is one year although I am 'obliged' to stay where I am and promise not to want bigger better things (!) for 24 months. I am training with two other PCSO's and twelve others training to be PC's. The atmosphere is great and we all respect each other - there is no 'We are Officers, you are just staff.' at all. In fact a lot of the Officers that I am training with are former PCSO's. They are always helping us through the bits for the PCSO's and we do our best to involve ourselves in their training bits. We all took our 'Attestations' together although the Police Officers had to attest to a Magistrate and the PCSO's had to declare to the Chief Constable. (I think that's who he was, I'm still not great with ranks etc!)

I get up every day looking forward to the new things I am going to be learning. Its SOOO not like some of the things you hear in the media... Remember this is just MY opinion, I respect the guy above for saying it how he feels it is, but I feel totally different. Maybe it's because my job before was a nurse and I hated it! As long as you are enthused and positive I think you can go far. Plus our trainer is FIT. (Joke!)

Hope this may have helped at least one person. And if it hasn't? It stopped my boredom for about six minutes!


Nat. :sljo: :slgg: :sljo: :slgg: :sljo: :slgg: :sljo:

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Re: Salary? Benefits? Probation length?

Post by falkor » Mon Sep 29, 2008 7:16 pm

natalie you sound like your dream has come true over there in Norfolk :slwoot: well done

any bad bits in there?
RICK wrote:because you are expected to investigate what where when who , when reporting a crime on the front desk.the reason im angry because the role is a 2 year probation and the fast track system has been cancelled that was promised to me to become a pc in 1 year.i was trickeded into doing this role and now i have to wait for 2 years if i had known before i would have never taken this post.

Any further question then pls write sorry for the moaning its still a job hey
wow, hold up Rick, there must be an upside in there surely

I do agree though, even a member of staff just TAKING a crime report DOES require investigation skills/ time, to get the crime put on properly

how are you getting on Rick? sorry to hear you were tricked mate

happens to the best of us :slzz2:

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