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Post by falkor » Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:47 pm


photos submitted must not already be in the public domain

here is an example of photos already in the public domain ... ages&gbv=2

if the photo has already been displayed on any website or is otherwise already in the public domain it cannot be accepted for the competition

YOU CAN SUBMIT PHOTOS IF the photo is greater than 500 across in original resolution AND

you are a member of this site

AND you joined BEFORE 21 7 08

you do not need to be a PCSO or work for the Police in anyway, if you joined this site before 21 7 08 and are still a member on here then you may submit photos IF you pay the correct FEE

the reason for the FEE is because there will be a £50 prize for the top photo and to cover other costs


submit 1 photo £10
submit 2 photoes £10
submit 3 photoes £10
submit 4 photoes £5
submit 5 photoes £5
submit 6 photoes £5
submit 7 photoes £3
submit 8 photoes £3
submit 9 photoes £3
submit 10 photoes £3

the maximum number of photos that you can submit are 10 and fees are payable per application

if on one day you submit 1 photo the fee is £10

if the next day you submit 1 photo the fee is £10

if you submit a photo the next day after that the fee is again £10

photos must have been taken 2007 -2008 and must have been taken by the person submitting them NOBODY ELSE

the photos must be of uniformed PCSOs

GOOD LUCK, the competition finishes 30 JAN 2009 and results will be announced 1 month later