the top 100 threads of 2008

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the top 100 threads of 2008

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TOPICCHARTTypical Post from the thread
AndrewB's PCSO diary 51 The day started with a bit of a shock today, informed that one of our class colleagues wasn't coming in today as he was having second thoughts about the job which was a shame. After the usual bits of admin we started looking at Pocket note book rules and got issued ours. ELBOWS!!, thats all i'll say. Bit of a surprise the trainer threw in, getting a member of staff to come in all distressed shouting etc and then walking out and then seeing how we recorded it in our note books which came as a bit of a learning curve! Rather pleased with my efforts overall even if i failed to mention what clothes she was wearing, but i got the rest right, good times.
anyone heard the rumours of CS Spray? 52 The chap who said he’s a Reading based BTP PCSO has his location down as London? If your going to fabricate then at least be consistent! Blatantly the same person in all guest appearances.

It’s just some waster who has not got the balls to put his name to a login, trying to wind us up but we shall not rise to the bate as he does not have the knowledge or the evidence to back up these spurious remarks

how hard is the fitness test? 53 The fitness test is nothing to worry about as long as you do some work on a trdemill you should be fine. I recommend going on a treadmill for at least 15 mins a day and going for light jogs
Jemma's Training Diary 54 Am enjoying reading about your training jemma, have you BH monday off?, we have, the reason they would have to pay us extra and the tutors would be on double time first aid and officer training next week
B N P 55 Thankyou for your reply Arthur. I am 43 but the ultra right's cause is not an issue I have needed to consider for a good few years. I don't know what, if any, transformations have gone on within the BNP since I last came across them. I merely pointed to how terrorist organisations have been transformed and have come into the mainstream over a short period. As for visiting the BNP's website, I like to hear what people themselves have to say before I write them off, and so far I cannot see arguments as to why their view of multi-culturism is not a legitimately held one in a democratic society. It seems to me that many people are legitimately worried about clashes of culture.
what happens at the MET PCSO interview? 56 Yeah its very true they cant say anything bad but they have a tick box system bad, fair good excellent that sort of thing which is what i think they use. Also sick days taken, thats something a friend failed at.
JMG's MET PCSO training 57 The day started off in class with the dreaded ice-breaker activity, lot of introductions and life experience to remember - more people seem to remember my name than I do theirs!

Next came an introduction to the Role of the PCSO in the Met and an introduction to the course. We looked at what we thought we would be doing as a PCSO and what this meant. We had a very brief look at the powers we will have and which legislation it comes from. Key point was that we are the "Eyes & Ears of the Police Service" This led to a Q&A about various powers etc, most being answered with a brief bot of detail and that it would be covered in the course.
polishing boots 58 Women they are so unreasonable, i also asked her if she could wash the cars that went down like a lead ballon after she stopped swearing at me i was going to do a section 5 public order on her but i was not in full uniform so i let her off.
24 hrs CSOs 59 If we work passed mid-night we get a higher shift allowance, so the Met would look at getting full value for money and get us to do a full night shift also if at present the problem is between 2-3 because we are not on duty if we finished at 3 the problem could move to 4-5 AM so we might as well do 24/7

At present there are no PCSOs in Scotland so you have no first hand experiance of us, your sources The Fed and press who are both on the main anti PCSO and the 3rd souce is this forum which on the whole is very bias in our favour

Like specials and women in the police we are here to stay most of us put 100% in to the job
what is the worst injury that you've carried on working with? 60 I got knocked over by a motorbike a few years back and suffered some bad bruising. Still carried on working albeit in the front office as I didn't want any sickness.

Didn't get any thanks for it...
free travel? 61 It's not going to happen and that was direct from the Director of HR.
BTP PCSO 62 We are in it for the long run....I rung recruitment today and have been told that I am at the bottom of the list to be placed on a training course. As we are still in the 'process' and there are a whole host of people who are awaiting places on courses before us.

Apparently they never give start dates, they are only told 6 weeks before hand and then they let people know. Recruitment apparently do not know when the next course is but as we are still in the process, we wont be getting on a course anytime soon.

Hence the reason that i am going to cancel my application and go for SC with LU, and start on the 9th of jan.
languages 63 As well as English (good and bad!) I can speak German pretty much to a conversational level, other languages such as french and spanish I can get the point across and I can say hello in Korean (very Handy in the fens )
I am currently trying to decide which language to learn next; Polish, Lithuanian or Czech.

I find it's great to be able to converse with people in their own language, does wonders for hard to reach groups engagement!
Confrontational or not? 64 Sometimes Police Officers make the decision to stand back or get away, and are fully correct in doing so.

A stick and a can of deodorant do not increase your ability to deal with situations as much as you might think.
AnthonyC's diary 65 will be starting my two day bike course tommorow, wish me luck, i did not get my first bike until 8 years ago and have not been on one for about 4 years so very limited experience, you have to do some sort of bunny hop, a side saddle emergency dismount,go down some steps, an emergency stop,go around some cones and apparently a seven mile ride , if you don't hear from me tommorow you know why(i guess with some that will be a relief.)
nose piercings 66 In the Met, and most other forces I know, you can have any piercing you like - but any visible piercing comes out when on duty.

This is partly for discipline and dress code reasons, and partly for officer safety reasons.
UNISON or the FEDERATION? 67 So we should all just roll over and put up with the abuse and Negative briefings that the FED feed to their pet press hacks

I would prefer my Union came out fighting my corner.
Union should draw a line and then if need be take on the FED

Typical play ground bully go after an easy target and then blame them for being a victim "She is not just expressing what she, the Fed or it's members think, if you are honest, it's what the public think as well.

The crap we have had to put up with from the FED and some of its POLICE OFFICER members is a disgrace and shameful
In what other walk of life would it be expectable for one group of workers in an organisation to have such a negative effect on another?
arresting/ detaining question 68 The short answer is yes I'd say. However I'm not a fan of PCSOs making arrests, so instead I'd say the staff/store detective have made the arrest hopefully when detaining the shoplifter, to which a police officer should be assigned. If you happen to be there on patrol, great and it's a bit of back up for the staff, but that's where your input should end.

But I fully appreciate that in many areas, PCs are stretched very thinly so if you were faced with this then you could indeed use the "PC not present" option.
PCSO UNIFORM 69 haha, na i have a maglight that fits nicely in the baton space, and in the cs holder, i can fit my sunglasses!

the good thing about it is that i wear it on foot, on bike and it goes over the top of all my clothing so i am always hi-viz. means i dont have to chop and change where my fpns and other items are, av got a terrible memory!
it's what we've been waiting for!! STANDARD POWERS 70 I am yet to find a force that these powers will make any real difference to... you can thank the Fed and ACPO for this.. the original set were watered down due to pressure from our friends... Utter waste of time introducing them... at least everyone can place out traffic signs now that will help to reduce Anti-social behaviour......
northumbria pcso 71 really enjoying the course, the First Aid and Diversity training has been the best so far, as they've both been a bit of a laugh as well as being very interesting and thought provoking. However, things have slowed down a little now as we're back in the class room covering the more mundane stuff like PACE, the Human Rights Act, and the National Intelligence Model etc.

On Monday I'll make a point of asking our Trainer to see if he knows anything about another course starting in April and if he doesn't know then I'll ask him to see if he can find out from his supervisors and colleagues for you. I really hope there is, and I'll do my best to find out for you...fingers & toes crossed
first aid training 72 We were given first aid training for dealing with heavy bleeding, head injuries, spinal injuries and broken bones, as well as the standard stuff for CPR e.t.c.
I've used it a few times and it's worked a treat.
Dead Bodies & Scene Guards 73 The only situation in which we have the legal authority to prevent a person from crossing a cordon is in a terrorist situation.

However those with traffic warden powers can regulate the flow of traffic, including pedestrians, on the highway or is a public place. This includes requiring someone not to proceed. Hence in many situations authority may exist.

In either case there unlikely to be authority to use force to prevent or detain a person.

A constable may always seek to rely on their general power including arrest for obstructing a constable in the execution of duty etc.

Having said all that the practicalities of a situation mean that PCSOs (or security type personnel) will be used for scene sitting etc.
Targets. Anybody else have them? and what's the deal? 74 We get loads of targets - but none are enforceable, obviously. We just get refused driving courses, level II courses, kit requests, promotion opportunities, overtime, special operations, any other career progression courses, etc etc.

So obviously they're not important.
doing your own witness statement 75 In the statement from the Licensing Officer, he would need to give distance from suspect, visibility, obstructions, time laps, amount of time under observation, what, four times in one statement! He would effectively need to say his position, what the guy was wearing, obstructions, lighting and conditions for each time he leaves and then comes back in the shop. That would get pretty cluttered and longwinded. I would think it’s better, if not for ease of reading and clarity, to do four statements. Each one as a new event from when he comes in to the shop, to when he leaves it.

You’re right though, ADVOKATE is a great one to learn, and you’ll end up with a pretty good statement.
Should PCSOs be offered eyesight tests and provided specs? 76 What department would we have to apply to? to see if we can get free tests?? Anyone know?
what do the Public think of PCSOs? 77 tim419 you are right we don't need your powers to make us a success but some more would probably make our job easier, i appriciate that it could turn into an never ending quest for more power and perhaps the balance is about right now i personally don't think that is, but i am only a very small cog in this well oiled machine.
How old? 78 to me, age is not a problem as a PCSO. im only 21 and im always told i look young, but i get a lot more respect than some CSO's at my station because i know how to speak to people.
PCSO? READ THIS! ARE YOU OBTAINING A PECUNIARY ADVANTAGE? 78 When I renewed my insurance last April, I was also confronted by the fact that the position PCSO was not listed, I sent a email to my insurance company stating that the the position was that of a PCSO. They responded with and I quote "As per your mail the category of police officer comes under local government. My advice check with your insurance company and keep any correspondence. I have.
C U R F E W S 79 How the hell do you inforce a curfew!! I have been a PCSO since 2006 and a special for 11 yrs before that .Never has this even been brought up before, anyway i thought thats what ASBO's were for? i cannot see how this can work?
transferring to the MET 80 They get paid more, further into central london the more london weighting you get. Also your shift allowence goes up because some teams in london do a 24 hour shift rota.
TOPICCHARTTypical Post from the thread
Questionnaire 81 Is the training provided beneficial to you?

I found the training adequate

· Could the training have been improved, in any way?

· Yes, it should be a pass or fail course

· What do you enjoy most about the Training sessions?

· Discovering new facts about the law and learning new things

· What is the least enjoyable part of the Training sessions?

· Repetiton of some subjects
The future for PCSOs 82 It is a worry that the conservatives dont have any policy in relation to PCSO's.
should PCSOs be given additional powers? 83 think i would help if we had the power to stop & search, and be able to issue a few more FPN's for minor driving offences.
PPE..well i think it's should be top priority for health & safety resons to be issued CS, were dealing with public here, we don't know what's round the corner!!
prescription cycling glasses 84 Give the lad a break... ask the question Esox they can only say No... If they supply cycling glasses as part of the kit, they expect you to wear them at some point. The police waste loads of money on things that are not needed, i am sure they can stretch to a pair of perscription cycling glasses.
recruitment? 84 High guys, congrats to you both. awesome news! Got back from my jollies today and had a message to call them. not good news, I failed the vetting. I can only assume due to a family member I mentioned earlier on the board, as I have never been in trouble. it was my main concern. oh well... bah humbug..

I guess i'll get on with constructing a new life plan!

Hope you guys have a brilliant time, and im sure you'll both do an awesome job! x
applying as a PCSO and a PC at the same time 85 Well i was told if i passed my PC day 1 and fitness then they would want me to start as soon as May/june which is 3/4 months and it took me 13 months for the PCSO so it doesnt always work out quicker for a PCSO position. But they did say mine was rushed because of certain life skills so it may not be the same for everyone. You dont have to worry about chosing which one to follow through until you get a training date, once you except a training date for PC or PCSO you have to cancel application for the other. If they do call you with a training date you can ask for them to put it on hold. It was too late for me, my letter for PC day 1 arrived the day after i confirmed my training date for PCSO.
salary, benefits, probation length? 86 Met PCSOs basic salary is £18,873

On top is a location allowance of either £1,623 or 3,000ish

Then there is a shift allowance of 12.5%, 15% or 20% depending on what shifts you do (this depends on your borough).

Probation for PCSOs is 1 year.
roll call 87 still here I check the site as much as poss easy at the moment as I got run over by a old woman who failed to see me doing traffic dutie in high vis with blue lights on the vivaro van then to add insult to injurie failed to stop only managed to get a partial reg
Do you do Crime reports? 88 We do the whole bloody lot!.
Take vic and wit statements, even for some serious crimes and last night involved in a threats to kill with knives.

Our crime recording centre is national now so we can phone it across, after i"ve usually updated the log. Do have to keep reminding them that i"m the reporting, not investiugating officer though.
Head Cams 89 I've been a PCSO for 5 and a half years now (one of the early ones) and work for Greater Manchester Polce. There have been murmours as to us having head cams but I'm not sure about them. I realise that they will be useful when it comes to evidence in court. However, I do wonder if they will make you more of a target for the idiots we all deal with on a day to day basis.
what's your job email signature? 90 Why use colour? It just eats up expensive ink.
Also, I find that sometimes the spiel about "green thinking" and "saving trees" kicks over onto a second page - what a waste!
PCSO or CSO 91 Just started training to be a PCSTO in Merseyside just to confuse things. Not really bothered if PCSO, CSO or PCSTO.

who thinks we should have handcuffs? 92 Just out of curiousity, do i have the majoritys support on this issue? we should have handcuffs (but no baton or cs)
This is because we increasingly have the need to detain with justified force people who don't comply. it would be better for the role in general to have these especially in the rural sector when a PC will take a while to arrive, my issue is that if BTP PCSO's can have them (yes- i know they are not funded by the goverment) why can't all of the uk's PCSO's it must have proven successful for BTP. Anyones comments?
new duties 93 Excuse me, i'm not a Troll here to cause a load of fuss and anger but i do have reservations of any one who signs off with...

"Building communities the American way "Through Superior Fire Power"" -

I have visions of you sat home reading Guns and Ammo magazine waiting eagly waiting for some "Bover on the high street!!!"

I started reading this thread during an assignment on current british policing practices gaining an insight to the role of a PCSO. I was simply making a point that, as so often is pointed out by yourselfs, you're filling a role to some duties that police officers can't be bothered doing
I D CARDS 94 ID Cards can be forged. There is a ready market on the 'Internet' for fake 'Prove It' age ID Cards, and some very good fake International Student ID Cards. So whats to stop a National ID card from being faked as well -- could you tell the difference! ""
PCSO cadets 95 hello, Im a POLICE CADET, in Hertfordshire, theres 26 of us alltogether, and 7 leaders, 4 of which are police officers and 1 works in scientific services, been doing it for 2 years and am definately going for Police.
PCSO cadets is a good idea.. but we have all PCSO and more stuff covered in Police Cadets, as well as a national comp this year where herts came 3rd
The MET have something like 25 teams, with an average of 40 in each.. thats a lot of cadets! lol
PCSO BMI 96 My BMI states i am bordering on serverely overweight for my height. I came just under the 30 limit set by northumbria, but I'd be interested to see what would have happened if it had come in over, because I am clearly not overweight and I wonder how they'd deal with it.
sex and chocolate 97 dont beleive that for a sec. this is the girl that was encouraging people in a thread to "get there kinkyboots on" lol
TOPICCHARTTypical Post from the thread
Are you a RACIST? 98 Just because somebody would rather have an 'English' Taxi driver, doesn't make them racist. Surely we all have the right to request such a thing? Would an Asian person be called racist if he/she requested a fellow Asian Taxi Driver? No.
S P C S O? anybody out there? 99 What is the point of an SPCSO? It's just a farce. All they will do is what is already being done on front desks. Just a glamour title, they should be out on the streets with the rest of us.
p r o t e c t i o n 100 No I don’t want to see any CSOs with Gas/Batons/cuffs nor do I want to see, pub door man, shopping centre security guys, dog wardens etc having them
Yes I expect ALL, CSOs to be confidant to be able to work single crewed at any time and be able to handle what ever is asked of them just like doctors, teachers
Etc etc
well there it is! the TOP 100 of 2008! :slwoot:

:slgg: which is your best from the TOP 100?
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Re: the top 100 threads of 2008

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There are some really great topics in the top 100 ... such as the following ....

1. The Met's training procedure - puts your mind at rest just a bit!
2. All diary entries from anyone - they are good reads and a great insight what to expect and how other poeple cope with the transition into becoming a PCSO! Mine for starters...
3. PCSO uniform - always a heated subject.
4. Tattoo's - interesting topic

That's about it really.

A great top 100 indeed. Looking forward to a great 2009 on here!

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