pcsos-national: the archive of old PCSO material

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pcsos-national: the archive of old PCSO material

Post by falkor » Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:18 pm

pcsos-national has at last got itself a sitemap

what do you think?

remember much material held within pcsos-national is 2006 or older, please remember that the site is very much an ARCHIVE of old articles

a lot of these old articles were saved to pdf or copied to simple html pages in 2008 when national-pcsos "closed" after much poor performance/ support from the hosts (we then changed hosts) (many pages were simply "lost" in the change over)

so what's left? what's worth keeping in fact? it's like trawling through a trunk up in the attic, should we just chuck the lot and move on? :slwoot: