Charity Collectors

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Charity Collectors

Post by ConcernedCommuter » Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:28 am

Hi there,

I commuted into Liverpool Street Station today, as I have been doing for many years, and there were a number of people collecting for charity (as there often are).

As a person who has collected for charity myself, there are some rules which we were trained to follow, one of which is not to shake the bucket at anyone. I haven’t previously noticed any collectors doing this at the station, (prior to today,) so they must have been correctly trained.

I realise the reason people do this is to get attention, but I’m sure the rules are also there for a reason, and ought to be followed, especially with the number of people going through the station.
Collectors are also supposed to stand at least 25 metres apart from each other (not side-by-side) and the buckets should be sealed, with the name clearly displayed (which wasn't the case with all collectors).

I found a useful website, the link of which is below, but I’m sure that you know all of this already.
When I approached a community support officer at the station about this, this morning, he didn’t really seem that bothered, which I could have understood if he were a member of the public, but I didn't think he should have reacted that way. I’m pretty sure we’re not actually allowed to pick and choose which rules we follow, and given his role, he could have at least said he'd look into it. (He did seem to have a bit of time on his hands.) I would have thought these rules apply to stations, as they do to streets.

Please could all collectors be made aware of the rules of collection, as it could adversely affect all charity collections. ... rules.html

“You must ensure that you do not obstruct the public, or cause them any other annoyance or danger. Collectors must stand at least 25 metres apart from each other, and should remain stationary unless part of a procession.”

“Any collecting buckets or tins must be sealed, and should clearly display the name of the charity or fund. You may not shake collecting tins. You should also ensure that each group of collectors has a signed letter of authority from a designated Chief Promoter, ready for inspection by the police or a council official. In some areas you will be required to carry a badge bearing the logo of the council, showing that the collection has been authorised.”

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Re: Charity Collectors

Post by Arthur ASCII » Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:19 am

Thanks for the useful link.

Have you sent some feedback to the Force concerned?

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Re: Charity Collectors

Post by falkor » Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:29 am

Yes she has Arthur, she copied that to BTP the same day :sltee:

do members feel that PCSOs should be enforcing Charity Collection Regs e.g Collectors not standing at least 25 metres apart - buckets not sealed, shaking buckets at MOP

have any members been involved in Charity Collectors enforcement?

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