vacancies for PCSO and PC

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vacancies for PCSO and PC

Post by falkor »

I get regular emails from people asking me how they can get a job as a PC or a PCSO

can you help me to help them?
Hi there can you tell me what is the age limit for the job i would love to have a job with the Police i see too many bikes on the pavment where i live and lot more let me know please if i would get a job and how much do you get paid hope to here soon as im out of a job i need a job i get on fantastic with the Police they all know me where i live
there's one that I got today above

MY ADVICE to this chap is A) select then choose your Police Force from the list :then WRITE A LETTER TO THEM, their address is shown

B) go to Click on PCSO or PC to read further advice

now I am asking other members to add any help they think is appropriate or if you are reading this and need more help please add a reply :slby:
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Re: vacancies for PCSO and PC

Post by Gualsa »

I cant be bothered with people sending requests like that to the station. You would have thought the well informed and intelligent person would have done his/her homework on the internet and the police sites before they email the local coppers.
I usually forward them to HR. I am not a qualified careers adviser.

Am I being harsh? :slrog:
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