History of PCSOS (needed)

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History of PCSOS (needed)

Post by falkor »

Have a look at this PRISON OFFICERS' ORIGINS page, I put that together after finding 4 different "sources" that made it easy for me to merge the best bits of all 4 "sources" into one great page! This does not mean just adding all 4 "sources" together, it means taking the parts that are most relevant and important to us and leaving out the rest but then providing links to the "sources" so that members can still see all the available information.

CAN YOU DO THE SAME FOR PCSOS? We need a PCSO ORIGINS page that is as good to read as "my" Prison Officer Origins page and then provides links to outside "sources" that give more. Could you do have a go at doing this project? We do have an old page called PCSO ORIGINS but it is ancient, it's title may well be "PCSO ORIGINS" but it really just centres around a 2002 article released by the MET POLICE staff newspaper at the time - this simple page has endured for the life of PCSO.com but does not really do the job, can you do a REAL "ORIGINS PAGE" for us? :slby: