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most radical overhaul of qualifications since GCSEs came in!

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:16 pm
by job hunter
GCSEs will be replaced by a system of new I-levels with numbered grades from 1 to 8 under sweeping changes to school exams, according to reports. SKY NEWS

England's exam regulator Ofqual is said to be proposing that coursework is axed for all core exams except science, when it would make up just 10% of marks.

The ability to retake the new qualifications would also be limited, with all end-of-course exams sat in the summer apart from English and maths exams in November.

Pupils would therefore have to wait a full year, until they were 17, if they wanted to re-sit any modules - potentially affecting their A-level studies.

A new grade 8 would replace A* as the highest achievement, although fewer would be awarded to help drive up standards, according to The Times.

Education Secretary Michael Gove wants to make exams harder and provide greater differentiation between the most able pupils.

Having 8 rather than 1 at the top would also leave open the option of introducing a grade 9 if it was felt necessary to make it even more challenging.