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Met Police officers, will often live in police ghettos!

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:54 am
by job hunter
Police officers now, certainly Metropolitan Police officers, will often live in police ghettos in villages in Surrey and Hertfordshire which are disproportionately over-populated with police officers because they like to live together,"

– Kit Malthouse speaking to the Home Affairs Select Committee in 2010
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EVEN WORSE: Only two in five Met officers live in London according to figures released today.

The figures which were obtained under a freedom of information request shows just 43% of the 30,367 officers were last month living in a London borough.

This is a sharp fall from 2010 when 50.6% of the force lived in the capital when London Mayor Boris Johnson's deputy Kit Malthouse warned of a "growing divide" between the public and police.