new forums location and site 2014/ 2015

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new forums location and site 2014/ 2015

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Please note: an old version of the forums recorded on the last day that we ran with 3.0.12, is on file at but note that the content will not have any threads put on after that day, because it is just an ARCHIVE!


You might notice that a few features are missing from the upgraded forums. Yes at this stage we just have a "VANILLA" system, it provides a basic message board - shows you the threads and allows you to reply. If you are looking for content that is held elsewhere e.g. mChat, then try the "Archive" described above. The features still work there. We hope to gain new features for our "New Forums" next year!

WHY BOTHER TO MOVE FROM 3.0.12 to 3.1.0 ?

The old version was planned and released in 2007 so we have a system that is 7 years old. The latest version was released THIS MONTH. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with the old version - the new version has much more potential to accept better forum features and of course includes "cutting edge" up to the minute coding methods. Please report any issues that you find with the "New Forums" as soon as you can. Just add a reply to this thread or start a new thread.


Please email us with any issue if you are unable to LOG IN to the "New Forums"

1) BROWSERS 2) Private messages 3) Notifications 4) Logging in 5) Missing feature 6) Archive forums 7) Quick Links


Please ensure that your internet browsers are the latest versions - try this site to help check this

If you are using an old browser ( a browser is e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) from years ago, then this could cause the "new forums" to display 'badly'! For instance our new forums do not support IE8 or before. Please upgrade your browser to the latest version or the "New Forums" may not perform properly.

2) Private messages

The Messages 'running number' shown, now means something slightly different than previously used. The number shown now, indicates how many unread private messages you have. Previously the number shown was how many private messages since you last logged in. This is why you may now suddenly see 1,2, or 3 or even more private messages, it means you should go to your Private Messages inbox, the unread messages have "highlighted" (red) icons at the left of the header title! If you are still having problems Look at the percentage of the inbox folder used. If you are at 100% capacity, this means that some messages could be "held" and you need to take action to clear the backlog viz. delete old unwanted PMs.

3) Notifications

If the notifications number is annoying you please go to your UCP (User Control Panel) and look at your Board preferences. (Click on "Edit notifications") If there are a lot of ticks in boxes, then untick the boxes, this will reduce your notifications! (NOTE, it will not zero your old notifications, if you had 10 notifications, then went to your Board preferences Clicked on "Edit notifications" and took all the ticks out, you'll still have 10 notifications because the ticks only apply to Future Notifications!)

4) Logging in

If you have problems Logging in to the "new" forums, you may need to reset your password or clear site cookies. To reset your password click on "LOG IN," then look at the field where you are expected to type your password. Below that is the wording "I forgot my password," click on that to reset your pasword. If you are still having problems you may need To clear site cookies, go to the very bottom of our Board Index and find the wording "Delete all Board Cookies" click on that. Now try Logging in again!

5) Missing feature

Extra features are planned for the "new" forums in 2015 - meanwhile please be content with the basic system that allows you to view and participate in topics of interest to our members. Please help the site by creating new topics that could be of interest to our members and remember "off duty" topics such as "I built a swimming pool in my back garden" can sometimes be just as captivating as any "Headline News"

6) Archive forums

If you're wondering where the old mChat went, or where the old forums Gallery went - there is an Archive of the old forums DATED 28 OCT 2014 right here [ ] - please do remember IT'S AN ARCHIVE, no replying or new topics please!

7) Quick Links

"Where are Active Topics?" and "Where are 'Your Posts'?" and "Where is Search?" and "Where is memberlist?" heeeey! check "Quick Links" top left of page