How hard is the fitness test really??

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How hard is the fitness test really??

Post by Bear1 » Thu Nov 16, 2006 3:51 pm

Hiya all

I'm just waiting for a date for my fitness and medical, but was wondering if anyone could offer any info on how hard the fitness test really is?

I joined the gym about 6 weeks ago and have realised just how unfit i actually am. I used to do alot of sports many years ago, but not in the past few years. I just thought i would be able to step back into it, but was very wrong! So now i'm a bit concerned that i will fail. Everyone one i know keeps telling me that i shouldn't have a problem, but that's because I'm slim, so they think i must obviously be fit.

How did any of you prepare for it?


Post by guest » Thu Nov 16, 2006 4:03 pm


I have my dates for medical and fitness test with Northumbria, it depends what type of fitness test you have to do. You'll have to ask personnel.

Northumbria have decided that their PCSO's will do the same fitness test as the regular officers:

bleep test to level 5/4
push / pull test on dyno machine

look at the Northumbria Police website for more information on the tests and how to prepare.

I've been going to the gym at least 3 times a week since Sept. I've been doing a mix of weights, particularly bench press and seated row, as well as cardio using treadmill and rowing machine. I also got myself a copy of the bleep test and have been practising with my partner.

Hope its all enough to pass ? Let me know what your test will be...

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Post by abdi1234 » Thu Nov 16, 2006 4:32 pm

Like the police fitness test it is a complete joke. I wouldn't worry the fitness test is so easy it is pointless doing it. 5.4 on the bleep test is a walk, the push pull tests are set so low it is pointless. All other tests have been abolished. I say increase the fitness tests and have a annual refresher test. People have to stay fit and healthy, it makes you more efficient at work and gives you a better lifestyle.


Post by jacko » Thu Nov 16, 2006 4:44 pm

Hi Bear,
Just passed medical and fitness. Its the same for us as regular officers, bleep test and push and pull. Was a bit harder than I expected but I am a 38yr old ex smoker! Same as you people presume you are fit if you are slim. I failed the pull test first time but was allowed a second attempt so they are not too strict!
Am sure If I can do it you can. Think you are same as me, terrified of falling at the last hurdle. You'll be fine (I know easy for me to say)


Post by jacko » Thu Nov 16, 2006 4:47 pm

Presume Abdi is young male?


Post by guest » Thu Nov 16, 2006 4:56 pm

good for you jacko.

i'm feeling a little nervous, i'm 5"2 female.

how did the ladies do who were with you ?

did everyone pass and if not do they get a second chance ?

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Post by Bear1 » Thu Nov 16, 2006 5:07 pm


Thanks for that. I believe that the test is the bleep test and push/pull. I'm not too bothered about the bleep test, but i really don't have any upper body strength, so think i might stuggle with the push/pull part! I am deffo gonna push myself at the gym tho and really make an effort. I have no idea when my test will be tho and have been told it could be within the next week depending on how quickly the medical questioaires are looked at :shock:

Well I can only try my best and i will deffo do that!

Would like to know how the ladies did too please? I'm a 28 year old, 5'6" female with a small/slim frame.

Jacko - Was thinking the same thing about Abdi, there certainly seems to be a lot of testosterone floating round in that post!

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Post by Juliet_Charlie » Thu Nov 16, 2006 5:25 pm


I am a 40 year old female, I passed the fitness test in April, and am now working in Enfield. I must say that, saying that the fitness test is easy etc, is only true if you find it easy!!!. I am slim and people also thought me to be fit, but I found the fitness test a real challange, and I DID NOT pass the bleep test first time, I had to do lots of training at the gym, and I also attended the practise sessions at Hendon on a Tuesday night. It was worth the hard work as I have been at Enfield for 5 weeks now and I am really enjoying it,but like I say the finess test is only easy if you find it easy, we don't all find it so easy,but its worth all the effort, so the very best of luck to all taking the fitness test, you'll all be fine I'm sure.

Good luck.

Finally got my Start date...

11 September 2006..


No worries mate ;-)

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Post by W1LL » Thu Nov 16, 2006 6:30 pm


Application Oct 06 Nhants
Passed papersift Oct 06
Passed Interview Nov 06
Fitness 15th Nov 06
Passed Fitness 15th Nov 06
Passed Medical 13th Dec
Started 15th Jan 2007

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Post by sportychick » Thu Nov 16, 2006 9:09 pm

hiya well ive got my fitness test on dec 12th for the met. they hold practice sessions on a tues eve where can practice the bleep test and the dyno machine.

after goin tues and managing the bleep test to level 5 /4 , its def made me more confident about it as im only 5 ft 2 and tho i exercise regularly wasnt too sure about it !

the prob i had and which a few of the other " smaller" framed girls had was the dyno machine. ive read some people say how easy it is but when ur only small its a dam hard thing!! :( i got the level for the pull part but the push part i was short on . instructor told us to practice push ups and bench presses / resistance machine at gym so ive got 3 and a half weeks of push ups!! i so want the job so im gonna give it a dam good try !!

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Post by dilly day dream » Thu Nov 16, 2006 9:29 pm

Well I always said I'd never pass the fittness test.....

then this week i went up for UDT re-certs and they stuck us through it for the warm up.......

and i passed.... :shock:

not bad for a 20 a day smoker.... a little over weight... cant lift for toffee .. and aint been in a gym for over 10 years...

Dont worry.... Untill they put the level back up i should think most could pass

Dilly :w3:
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Post by guest » Fri Nov 17, 2006 10:43 am

Hi sportychick,

Can you tell me any more about the dyno machine ?
I'm small like you. I've been doing bench press, seated pull and concept 2 rower at gym.

trouble is i've never tried a dyno and don't have a clue what its like, i asked if it was possible to have a go at the one at Northumbria force - they said no !

were you seated correctly and pulling reallllly hard ??


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Post by Gualsa » Fri Nov 17, 2006 11:43 am

Norfolk dont have fitness test included yet so I miss out on that one. I am a bit gutted to be fair because I have been working out for months in preparation and now I dont get to do it. :(

It would be interesting to see what results I would get as I am 5ft3 female and petite but been carrying my kids around for 3 years!

Congrats W1LL on being nearly through!!!!


Post by jacko » Fri Nov 17, 2006 11:46 am

Hi Bear,
I did my test with a another female and two males we all passed. The average for the push, pull test for Cumbria is 35kg if it is 28kg in some forces that may explain why it is easier for some than others! I did very little upper body exercise as I had been lead to believe that the fitness test was a breeze, by a man!! The push pull is bound to be easier for them, by definition men physically have greater upper body strength in most cases. Myself and the other female scored just over 35kg whilst the men both got scores in the 70kg range. No more questions your honour!
I know the pressure is on to pass first time but you do get 3 attempts with time in between to improve. Dont forget that at this stage alot of time and money has already been spent on you, they want you to pass!!

Anyway you dont want to be so fit that the test is a joke as being super fit obviously also makes you super arrogant!!

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Post by Bear1 » Fri Nov 17, 2006 12:30 pm

Hey all,

Firstly well done W1LL!

Thanks for your input sportychick, think I'm gonna struggle mostly on the push part too, so it's gonna be push ups gallore for me too, between now and my test!

Jacko, the bit at the bottom of your post was very well put mate!

Well I went to the gym last night and asked for some help and advise, they were really helpfull and set me some new exercises and targets, so hopefully that is gonna help. One of the instructors has also offered to go in early on Sunday morning to help me (and another girl) to practice the bleep test, so will find out exactly how hard i need to push myself! Just hope i manage to get a good few weeks of training in before i get a date for the test!

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