Shouts Across the Street by Alan Price (Audio CD - 2001)

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Shouts Across the Street by Alan Price (Audio CD - 2001)

Post by falkor » Thu Jan 29, 2009 6:47 pm

Shouts Across the Street by Alan Price (Audio CD - 2001)
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don't be fooled - this classic music from Alan Price was not released in 2001

this dates back to the time of THE ANIMALS Image

there's Alan Price bottom left

but he moved on from THE ANIMALS and began a solo career

Shouts Across the Street I heard way back when I was 19

I was living in London, Kennigton SE1 to be precise. A great pal of mine namely Dean Brewis formerly of Laleham, also aged 19 was also beginning a police constable career

the two of us lived in a dinosaur dickensian SECTION HOUSE called "Gilmour House"

anyway he had this LP 'Shouts Across the Street' yep it was the summer of 1976 and by all accounts we never had it so good

From that day to this I never heard that record again, 32 years have passed and I often thought about that Alan Price record

did a search on amazon and wowsers god blimey THEY HAD IT!!! The first 2 tracks are stormin Alan Price for sure, wow when I heard those opening chords of Glass Mountain 32 years became 32 seconds, unreal - DEANO M8, wherever you are - I hope you truly are sliding down it :slgg: