Heroes - Coldstream Guards

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Heroes - Coldstream Guards

Post by Hysteria » Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:17 pm

The Band of the Coldstream Guards is the country’s oldest-serving military band and, with an impressive 112-year history they are the oldest continual surviving recording artists in the world. It is the Coldstream Guards that is renowned for performing the theme tune to Dad’s Army. Heroes is a collection of epic tunes including "Land Of Hope And Glory", "Where Eagles Dare" and "The Great Escape".

I Ordered this CD for my step dad as he is ex Army and he enjoys this type of music , I also ordered myself a copy because I quite enjoy listening to Military bands every now and again particulay one track NIMROD which just blows me away everytime I hear it and The coldstream Guards certianly do it Justice on this CD . And for just 8.99 it is well worth buying .

Song Title Time
1. Where Eagles Dare 3:04
2. The Great Escape 2:22
3. 633 Squadron 2:49
4. "Gladiator" - Music from the Motion Picture - The Battle 3:30
5. I Vow To Thee My Country 3:33
6. The Dam Busters 4:05
7. Colonel Bogey 3:43
8. Ride Of The Valkyries 2:24
9. Nimrod 4:06
10. Heroes Of The Sea 4:01
11. Here's To The Heroes 3:36
12. Crown Imperial 5:58
13. Land Of Hope And Glory 6:18
14. Eternal Father/Sunset 4:12
15. Hymn To The Fallen