Want to apply to be a PCSO?

Only start new topics in this area IF you are applying for PCSO, not PC not Special JUST applying for PCSO!!
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Want to apply to be a PCSO?

Post by mj12cz »

Hi All,

Just a quick post... we have recently had a few requests for application forms for the Role of PCSO on P.C.S.O.com. As you will appreciate you need to apply to your respective police force...

Your best bet is to go on line, check their recruitment section and with some forces you can print the application form off on line. Just follow the recruitment procedure.

Good Luck and feel free to come and visit us and ask questions, thats what we are here for.
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Re: Want to apply to be a PCSO?

Post by Vikki »

where's the assessment day please? I understand the training is at Lewes HQ but the Assessment day would be where please?
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