Assesment day

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Assesment day

Post by Dan »

Hey guys.

Been waiting to apply for years and finally got a chance. I've passed the application and have my assesment shortly.

Really nervous. It's my first 'proper' interview so to much. All previous jobs have been customer service etc reasonably easy to get into.

Can anyone give me any idea on what the written tests include? I believe I have decent English, Grammar, maths etc.

Also, the interview. What sort of questions are asked and can I refer back to my application and use the same examples. I'm young and fairly inexperienced so worried I can't fill the 5 minute slot.

Cheers guys. Much appreciated.

Re: Assesment day

Post by jen31601 »


I had my assessment day back in January. The written test for my force was a problem scenario and I had to write how I would reach a solution. The time absolutely flies though and before I knew it 20 minutes were up and I still had more to write!

I think most questions I was asked in the interview I referred back to examples from my application form. I asked them if I was ok to do this and was told it was fine.

I got through and have been offered a position subject to my fitness test in a couple of weeks and vetting.

Good luck with your assessment day :)
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