Medical questions

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Medical questions

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Hello everyone! I am currently near the end of the process of becoming a PCSO for south wales police :D I have passed the PIR tests, fitness, interview. I've been given my conditional offer. I'm a bit worried about my medical. I was off work for stress for 2 weeks last november. I wasnt taking any medication such as anti-depressants and i havent had any sick days off work since then. Am i still likely to pass the medical assuming everything else goes well?
On a side note I have a friend who wants to join the police after hearing about my application, however he was diagnosed with mild autism at a very young age. You wouldn't know he was autistic unless he told you and as far as im aware doesnt affect his day to day life and wouldnt affect his ability to do the role. Is it possible he would be able to apply and pass?

Many thanks

Re: Medical questions

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Good luck for the application! The medical is pretty much screening for diabetes, hearing check, vision check, blood pressure and anything that may hinder you. They just want to check that you're well and fit at that time, i shouldn't think any previous illnesses should hinder you!! Good luck, Ive just started training in Dyfed Powys, It's great fun! XD
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