MET PCSO Application

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MET PCSO Application

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Hi all,

I have stumbled across this site from a google search. I visited another forum but they have a paywall which I am not happy to pay just to ask for tips on application. I have recently applied for a post of PCSO in the MET, I presently live in Cheshire but am looking to move down to London and the role of PCSO really appealed to me personally.

So I submitted my application online which I found to be a surprisingly painfree experience, the only issue was that I only recieved a generic reply for the application, I am guessing this is because the police HR are drowning in Applications so don't have time to individually reply to each applicant unless there is a specific reason for doing so.

I am looking for tips on the application process for PCSOs in the MET or elsewhere, what is the average time scale like? How about the recruitment test and physical fitness test? Do you need to meet the same standards as Police Constables? I'm not so worried about vetting but just have questions about London in general, any tips from serving police community support officers would be really welcome.

Kind regards,