Met Recruiting PCSOs

Only start new topics in this area IF you are applying for PCSO, not PC not Special JUST applying for PCSO!!
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Met Recruiting PCSOs

Post by ugamma1 »

Hi all,

Back on this forum after a very long time. Just want to let people know that the MET is recruiting PCSOs for 2019-2020, apparently they have 100 open posts, I attended the open day in London and was informed that most boroughs are available. ... -overview/

If anyone is reading this and knows anyone who would like to apply the application deadline is 1st October 2019.

I decided to submit my application and amazingly passed paper sift, I have been invited to attend Day 1 at Empress House, anyone else applying to join the MET this year? In other news, I was going through the forums and find some of the threads to be so helpful and useful to someone who has not gone through an interview or recruitment process for a while.

Looking forward to replies.


Re: Met Recruiting PCSOs

Post by Bert »

would be interested in hearing how Day 1 goes, 100 posts Wow! Tell us More
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