Unison Pay Rise Consultation

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Re: Unison Pay Rise Consultation

Post by GlynB » Thu Apr 04, 2013 4:36 pm


Many thanks for your positive contribution.

I doubt, as you do, that it will be necessary for you to indecently expose yourself in the Nation's capital.

As far as being useless, I can offer the following marginal improvements that our Branch has achieved in recent years.

Additional annual leave by replacing, 3 additional public leave days with 4 annual leaves. Plus where Christmas Day , New Year's Day or Boxing Day fall at the weekend an additional day's annual leave for each such day. The minimum any of our people have is 28 days in a normal year, plus the 8 bank holidays. The majority have 30 and for those with 10 year's service 35 with the days for Christmas etc in addition

Reward leave for those achieving 100% attendance in any given year

Pay protection arrangements where an individual is down graded due to regrading or redeployment at a level on par with the very best in the public service

Excess travel payments where a person is required to move location of normal place of work for an extended period

A voluntary severance scheme considerably better than statutory.

In addition I have lost count of the number of people, especially PCSOs,who we have supported through disciplinary, performance and grievance process

Not much I appreciate but slightly better than useless I think
Glyn Boyington

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Re: Unison Pay Rise Consultation

Post by katie c » Thu Apr 04, 2013 8:20 pm

GlynB wrote: Not much I appreciate but slightly better than useless I think
sorry, i didn't mean to insult all unison reps.

however, the one i've been dealing with for a HR policy issue has been useless, in fact worse than. so much so, i've had to contest this issue completely solo, without any help from the people i pay fourteen pounds a month to be on my side.

but i appreciate that most are not like that, so i apologise :slsm:

(and i am successful in this thing i'm doing, i will be cancelling my membership tbh)

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