Is Neighbourhood Policing Dead or Dying !!

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Re: Is Neighbourhood Policing Dead or Dying !!

Post by the dark lord » Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:51 pm

powdermonkey wrote: We were all gridded about a week or two ago and anyone not on their area or double crewed without good reason was asked to justify themselves.
Since then a PCSO was gridded and "snail trailed" with the result that s/he was shown to be walking the same route day in day out without variation and spending 3 to 4 hours in a police box on a housing estate. When spoken to, s/he could not defend their actions but there was nothing said to us about what management were doing about it. The rest of us are now fully aware we're being closely watched and I would not be surprised if disciplinary action hits anyone found to be taking the mickey.
A couple of our lot were snail trailed after a (valid) complaint however they was told they was doing nothing wrong and told to keep hiding.
Our Insp is quite happy if we go from community centre to old folks home to another community centre etc, even if we're having a brew at each one, as long as we're engaging with the community. What he doesn't want is PCSO's wandering aimlessly around the streets. As if! With all the above visits, crime enquiries such as house to house & CCTV, reassurance patrols re DV, deployments on logs it's a rare day when I'm stood there thinking "mmm, what shall I do?"
Ditto, our inspector came out with pretty much the same quote recently... has there been a feature on it in the ACPO Annual/Inspector Weekly?
To add to all this unrest and change, the issue of single or double crewing has been raised. On arriving at my current station, I was told that we doubled crewed at night although I never found anything in writing, nor could anyone point to it. Force policy is to single crew unless there's a specific reason e.g. a visit to someone who might get angry (in which case take a PC not another PCSO!) or you're going to tackle a group of youths e.g. known spot for ASB
One lass on our team, who has a reputation for double crewing when there's no need, seems to have taken particular offence at being gridded etc and is trying to get force policy changed. Her first attempt was on the grounds of the threat level being raised to severe as a result of the threat to behead a police officer in West Mids. That failed and our Insp stated, in no uncertain terms, that force policy would not be changing. Her second attempt was to challenge supervision's use of the gridding facility, asking if they didn't need RIPA authority to do so. Again, she was verbally slapped down.
I have no problem with being gridded or "snail trailed" if supervision think I'm not doing my job properly. I remember being told that the GPS on our radios was there so that we could be found in case of an emergency (accident, attack etc) but I knew it would be used as a disciplinary measure. What does concern me is the shotgun approach, as I call it. If an individual PCSO is off their area or skiving somewhere, deal with that person, and don't then monitor every PCSO's movements day by day. I'd go along with a dip sample now and again but not this constant monitoring, it feels oppressive and that supervision are looking for an excuse to get rid of people to reduce the wages bill. We've been told that anyone who does leave, say for a career change, won't have to work their notice as that's a way for the force to save money.

As for PC's, we no longer officially have NPT police officers, they're all response and response officers will now carry a workload.

Is anyone else experiencing this change in culture?
Double crewing seems to be more of an issue for police officers than PCSOs where I work, but we have our share of PCSOs who never go out on their own.

There was much grumbling about the use of GPS radios not supposed to be being used to watch us -remember its for safety only.

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