PCSO Natalie Dixon does sign language with Chris Sampson

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PCSO Natalie Dixon does sign language with Chris Sampson

Post by falkor » Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:33 pm

24 November 2009
By Claire Lewis
POLICE in Sheffield are receiving sign language lessons to help a teenager fulfil his dream of teaching it all over the country.
Image doing sign language
Christopher Sampson, aged 18, is giving lessons to officers at Woodseats Police Station once a month.

He was invited to the station by Police Community Support Officer Supervisor Natalie Dixon, who met him on her rounds.

Christopher, from Millhouses, has severe learning difficulties, Down's Syndrome, a hole in his heart, and hearing loss in one ear, but is determined to travel the country teaching sign language.

As well as teaching at the police station he gives lessons at Sheffield Hallam University.

His mum Nicky said: "Chris is doing what he has always wanted to do - teach."

PCSS Dixon said: "The first lesson was a huge success. Chris was nervous at first but soon relaxed and enjoyed teaching the officers.

"The staff at Woodseats were overwhelmed by Chris's enthusiasm to teach and we all thoroughly enjoyed it and feel sign language is a valuable tool in our roles.''

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Re: PCSO Natalie Dixon does sign language with Chris Sampson

Post by PI & GI » Thu Nov 26, 2009 3:18 pm

good stuff, just out of curiosity how many constabularies have 'PCSS' TVP dont have pcso supervisors i though the HO wouldnt not allow that, or it must be an individual force thing.

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Re: PCSO Natalie Dixon does sign language with Chris Sampson

Post by GlynB » Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:13 pm

We have had Supervisors from the first introduction of PCSOs in South Yorkshire. I believe only one other force has this role.

The NPIA report into PCSOs came out in favour of SNT sergeants as supervisors but thus far SYP has not elected to change its position.

As the UNISON Branch Secretary at SYP and a former PCSS, our Branch is very much in favour of this role. Our experience is that it reduces incidences of breaches of conditions of service and we have few reports of bullying by sgts/Inspector other police officers, which I understand is a problem in some other forces.

The PCSO Supervisor is generally much more familiar with T&C of Service and the remit of PCSOs than most police officers. They are able to challenge, from a position of knowledge and some status, inappropriate deployment and attempts to breach T&C.

Naturally in the current economic climate we may find it had to defend this role especially as the NPIA report is against it. However increasing the direct supervisory responsibly of already hard pressed Safer Neighbourhood sergeants by anything from 6 to 14 additional staff does not seem a good use of resources.
Glyn Boyington

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Re: PCSO Natalie Dixon does sign language with Chris Sampson

Post by PROMETHEUS » Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:59 pm

I agree totally with Gynn's comment's re the PCSO Supervisor (PCSS) role. Other benefits are that it offers something extra for any PCSO's who don't "wannabee" Bobbies. On the other side of the King's Shilling it offers the chance to "Act Up" in the role (Supervisory Experience for people who may one day "Act Up" as Sergeant perhaps?).
As Glynn stated a good PCSS can also look after the interest's of the PCSO - so far in my career I have been priveledged to have served under 2 extremely good Supervisors - both different styles of leadership but both a pleasure and a honour to work for!
Yes I have heard the argument (from a PC) if the PCSS was a PCSO they could share the workload. Well in my experience a good Supervisor does "muck in" and help and I certainly know we would be worse off without them.
Another interesting observation I have made is that quite a few of the "Wannabee" PC's I have met over the last few years seem to object to the role! Yet they seem to believe that a PC can be in charge of them in the role of "Beat Manager" - even if they don't have any workforce management skills (edging their bets maybe?).
Anyway to recap - I'm all for them!

P.S does anyone know what other force has PCSO Supervisors?

Oh and one more thing.......well done to the young man teaching sign language!

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