PCSO is sole police presence in two valleys

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PCSO is sole police presence in two valleys

Post by Bert Moffat » Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:40 pm

http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/PCSO- ... story.html

PCSO is sole police presence in two valleys

A SINGLE PCSO is said to be the sole police presence in the Neath and Dulais valleys.

Glynneath town councillors are writing to newly-elected police commission Alun Michael asking him to look into the situation.

Town councillor Joan Bodman said she had been at a meeting when Glynneath PCSO Barrie Jones was present.


"It was very concerning when he said that, as of this week, he is covering both valleys for the foreseeable future," said Mrs Bodman.

"He will be the sole policeman in both of the valleys, and with only one vehicle.

"He said he envisages working a 60-hour week just to cover the day-to-day things, which is not what we were promised.

"He's a PCSO, not a police officer. That is not a good enough situation."

Mrs Bodman said promises had been made only a few months ago about policing levels in the area.

Councillor Del Morgan referred to a "creeping centralisation" of police services.

"Unless we speak up now we will be controlled by a very remote hub and we won't even have a PCSO," he said.


"Four or five years ago it was being put about that PCSO teams were the way forward.

"They made pledges they would keep them in places like Glynneath, but it's on the brink of being removed and it is alarming."

Councillor Chris Pavett suggested the authority should write to Mr Michael — the new Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales.

"What is alarming is the way it (the level of policing) has degenerated.

"Over time it has just been reduced and reduced."

Members agreed to write to Mr Michael.

"It will be the first letter on his desk," said Councillor Janet Gregory. "He can deal with our problem."

Chief inspector Andrew Kingdom said: "We are aware of the situation in Glynneath.

"A number of PCSOs have been successful in securing other posts within the force.

"There is a neighbourhood team covering the area and we are currently in the process of replacing those PCSOs who have moved on."

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Re: PCSO is sole police presence in two valleys

Post by Nick1973 » Wed Nov 21, 2012 3:21 pm

If this is the case, it shows just how stretched these rural forces are becoming with their budgets and cutbacks. It can't be good for the PCSO, the force or the public. I feel sorry for all three.

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