Adidas GSG 9.7 boots

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Adidas GSG 9.7 boots

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OK, I know there's been lots of posts over the years about what are the best boots to get but, rather than resurrect that conversation, I'd like to ask if anyone has ever tried these Adidas GSG 9.7 boots. They look like a boot but are classed as training shoes. On the plus side they look as if they'll be nice and light on the feet; on the minus side they're £95!! They have leather uppers and are black, so should meet my force policy on footwear.

I currently have a pair of Lowas which cost be about £120, were resoled at Christmas at a cost of £65 (including p & p) and took 8 weeks from sending to return. I've noticed that the heels are wearing down again, something to do with how I walk, and I expect them to need resoling for a second time in a month or so. When I got them back just after Christmas I thought never again, it'd be cheaper to buy a pair of cheap boots & throw them away when worn down. However, when searching the internet for possibilities I came across these Adidas things. The reviews are good but I don't know if the reviewers do the amount of walking I do which is about 5 or 6 miles a day, on hard surfaces and in all weathers.

All replies gratefully received.
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