Down Shep!

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Down Shep!

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JimmyRiddle asked a question about Bite Back anti dog spray in June last year but there appears to have been no replies. I'm sort of raising the issue again but with a variation.

Has any been issued with Bite Back or a similar by their force?

Can anyone testify to it's effectiveness or lack of?

Finally, I've been on the Bite Back website and they only seem to sell cases of 24 cans (50 ml or 600 ml cans) and haven't responded to a query about purchasing a smaller quantity. Does anyone know of a retailer, especially on the high street as opposed to the internet, where I can buy a can?

Can anyone recommend an alternative brand?

JR asked about it's use and legality on people. I've been told that it has no effect on people (and CS has no effect on dogs) but I don't know if that's true. If it does adversely affect people I'm sure there's some offence under "administering noxious substances" if not assault.

I've had a couple of encounters with angry dogs and so far haven't been bitten but my luck might not last for ever.

This is what one of the dogs looked like to me :di:
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