cleveland intake in november

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cleveland intake in november

Post by Duster »

hi im waiting for my formal invite and start date for training, anyone else waiting to hear?
thanks in advance.
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Re: cleveland intake in november

Post by falkor »

Duster welcome onboard :slby:

what made you think of applying for PCSO?
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Re: cleveland intake in november

Post by powdermonkey »


Welcome to the role and to the forums.

On a side note : West Yorkshire Police are recruiting PCSO's but none will be coming to the division where I work, despite having lost 5 in the last 2 years (2 were recently dismissed, 2 became PC's & 1 left the force for another job). We're also down 2 on restricted duties due to pregnancy & 1 on reduced hours as part of a phased return to work.

So I'm covering a bigger area which means more jobs to go to. On the one hand it makes even a 10 hour shift fly by, on the other hand I'm knackered at the end of each day and very knackered at the end of each set.
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