CID, become a detective!??

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CID, become a detective!??

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​You may not want to be a detective right now, but have you thought about where you'd like to be in your career in a few years?

First you need to be a Police Constable.

Next, the National Investigators Exam, which you need to pass to become a detective, is valid for three years, and so it is worthwhile planning early. :slead:

Detective constables can work in a range of different areas in the Force, from working in CID and SIU to SOCU and Major Crime. They also play an important role in supporting the Force's priority to protect and safeguard the most vulnerable in our communities by spending time working in safeguarding roles.

The process for becoming a Detective is well structured and there is support available throughout. The National Investigators Exam is national exam that must be passed in order to progress, following this successful candidates will go into a pool and a DC resourcing meeting determines who will go on the next 4 week courses. To support you through the process learner detectives are given additional protected time for study leave, courses to give guidance on the best ways to study and revise, and study books.

falkor says, "we are always looking for officers with excellent investigative skills to take the next steps in their careers and become detectives. If you're considering the detective path I would strongly encourage you to speak with your line manager to work out the next steps for you."

Learner detectives can receive a payment of £500 after successful completion of the initial 4 weeks of their course and an additional £500 payment after successfully completing the full learner programme and becoming qualified, to recognise the need for more detectives in the Force.

Following a review, Chief Officers can also made the decision to award retention payments to substantive detectives across the Force. These payments are to recognise the need to increase and maintain our number of detectives and detectives will be spoken to by their line managers about this shortly.

If you're interested in becoming a detective or for more information please speak with your line managers in the first instance :slby: