Job opps for ex PCSO advice please.

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Job opps for ex PCSO advice please.

Post by bon »

At age 60, just decided to leave my role as a PCSO, and tendered my resignation, any suggestions on possible alternative employment would be appreciated.
I realise the career opportunities will be fewer based on age factor, just wondering if our job with all its variants and skills is regarded as having some merit for would be potential employers.
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Re: Job opps for ex PCSO advice please.

Post by falkor »

I assume that you have applied for your own Force's internal vacancies but I don't know which Force you work for
Intelligence analyst
Closing date: 11:55pm, 29 January 2018
Salary: £26,037
Administration support
Closing date: 11:55pm, 5 January 2018
Salary: £22,687
a couple there that you would be considered for (MET)
Contact Handler, Vacancy Reference:SYPS00973
Vacancy Type:Police Staff, Employment Type:Permanent
Location:Headquarters, Guildford. Working Hours:Full Time
Salary:£21,523 + £4,139 unsocial hours allowance, Closing Date:31-03-2018
Force Control Room Operator
Vacancy Reference:SYPS00793, Vacancy Type:Police Staff
Employment Type:Permanent, Location:Headquarters, Guildford
Working Hours:Full Time, Salary:£21,523 + £4,139 unsocial hours allowance
Closing Date:31-03-2018
a couple more there that you would be considered for (SURREY)

these are just 4 jobs that you would have thought exPCSO would be perfect for, have you applied for any jobs yet?
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Re: Job opps for ex PCSO advice please.

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I would consider looking for a security manager role, there's a few transferable skills there. But the trust factor alone from doing this job should assist for certain jobs and potentially help during paper sifts and interviews. How about working for an estate agent? Going into people's properties, the employer is going to want someone they can trust.
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