PCSO called "bully" for taking homeless man’s cider

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PCSO called "bully" for taking homeless man’s cider

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In the video, Mr Collins can be heard saying: "Officer, don't you think that's bullying mate?"

"You've took a bottle of cider out of this man's carrier bag, and now you're pouring it in the bin, yeah?"

A bylaw introduced by the local authority in March states that it is an offence to continue drinking alcohol from an open container if asked by a law enforcement officer to stop.

But Mr Collins claims the bottle had not been opened and was inside a carrier bag when it was confiscated.

The man it belonged to, who was described as being in his 50s, can briefly be seen walking away from the bin where the officer is standing.

Mr Collins, who owns bodybuilding supplement company Apexxx Nutrition, claimed the PCSO took two bottles of the cider.