Police will face action if they do not adhere to a revamped

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Police will face action if they do not adhere to a revamped

Post by falkor » Thu May 01, 2014 6:48 pm

Mrs May told the House of Commons that individual officers will be stripped of their right to use the stop and search powers if they fail a new assessment.
DOES THIS APPLY TO PCSOs?? PCSOs can search e.g. for alcohol and tobacco viz "Where a person has failed to comply with a requirement under paragraph 5 or 6 or has failed to allow a CSO to seize tobacco under paragraph 7 of Schedule 4 to the Police Reform Act 2002 and a CSO reasonably believes that the person is in possession of alcohol or tobacco then a CSO may search them for it and dispose of anything found" or is this outside of Mrs May's "new assessment" ?
http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/ ... 32535.html The Home Secretary announced plans to revise the Police and Criminal Evidence Act Code of Practice A, which outlines what constitutes "reasonable grounds for suspicion".
"The revised code will emphasise that where officers are not using their powers properly they will be subject to formal performance or disciplinary proceedings," Mrs May said.

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Re: Police will face action if they do not adhere to a revam

Post by powdermonkey » Fri May 02, 2014 10:01 pm

Hasn't this come about because of allegations that police are unfairly targeting ethnic minorities? I can't see it affecting PCSO powers. I'm not aware of any HMIC research into PCSO searches but then we're not required to complete a form which would enable the compilation of statistics. I wonder what the officers have put as the grounds for the stop/search. If they haven't put something that meets the "reasonable grounds" then certainly the stop/search is illegal, or have they just worded it poorly?
I don't think removal of stop/search powers from an officer is a good idea. What does that officer do if s/he then comes across a situation where there are reasonable grounds to stop/search? Request assistance as a PCSO has to do? Will such an officer not be allowed to patrol alone, thereby reducing the number of patrols made and limiting that officer's effectiveness?
If an officer (or, indeed, a PCSO) is unfairly targeting ethnic minorities or failing to carry out stop/searches in a legal manner then there are established methods for dealing with them, via disciplinary or capability proceedings.
If an officer is proven to be racist then dismissal will follow, surely and, if after further training and advice, an officer still doesn't carry out their duties properly (as per an action plan, for example) then dismissal or relocation to another role (the latter for support staff at least) may follow.
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Re: Police will face action if they do not adhere to a revam

Post by Big Brother » Tue May 06, 2014 9:47 am

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