how many police stations closed near you?

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since you have worked for the Police how many police stations have you seen close?

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how many police stations closed near you?

Post by falkor » Sun Jul 06, 2014 10:06 am


SOUTH WALES may be the biggest recruiter of PCSOs in 2014 but they are still agonising over which of their Police Stations must close, it seems that every single police force is closing police stations or struggling to stop them closing, don't we need police stations now?

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Re: how many police stations closed near you?

Post by powdermonkey » Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:11 pm

I know of two police stations that will be closing in the near future, most no longer have a 24 hour public enquiry counter, and some have had their custody suites closed.

I understand that one of the biggest bills a police force faces is the rent/maintenance of premises and, with the recent losses in staff, then stations won't be kept open if departments can be housed in one location rather that 2 or even 3.

Also, I appreciate there's no great need for 24 hour enquiry desks; most people can contact police by phone for what they need. It's mainly those producing documents or having to sign bail that need access & they're done 9 - 5. I do lament the loss of 24/7 access, as I think it was always in my mind that they were a place of safety for someone to go to. It was a symbol I suppose.

As for custody suites, well, I'm more in two minds on those. I know the reasons are costs but, when officers are having to transport prisoners further afield then there's the impact on how much time they're off the street. That's exacerbated by queuing to book prisoners in. We often get told that local cells are full, quite early in a shift. How many officers, nearing the end of a shift, will do everything they can not to lock up so they can finish on time?

It'll be some years before we start seeing a move toward the staffing levels we once had & I doubt we'll reach them again.
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