school-run drivers should behave themselves

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school-run drivers should behave themselves

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PCSO Jonathan Hall has come under fire for comparing parents on the school run to 'wailing, hissing feral cats

Ambitious parents might think their educational problems are over when they secure a coveted place at a sought-after school.

But it turns out that bagging a parking spot near the school gates can be every bit as competitive.

According to one community policeman the fight for a space makes some parents harder to deal with than ‘wailing, hissing feral cats’.

Jonathan Hall says they indulge in a ‘vicious game of cat and mouse’ as they try to avoid a parking ticket – even at the cost of blocking driveways.

In desperation, the police community support officer used an official email to beg school-run drivers to behave themselves in Littleport, Cambridgeshire.

Mr Hall, a former RSPCA inspector, wrote: ‘When challenged, the parent will become an angry creature, wailing and hissing their annoyance at being challenged over their dangerous parking.

‘The parent stares out from their metal box, with a look of pure hate. A look upon their face saying, “I would splat you with one swipe of my paw (if it was not illegal)”. Never mind the moggies, it is the mothers who bare their claws these days.’

Mr Hall reminded parents that officers patrolled near schools to prevent accidents and said parking on double yellow lines was likely to result in a ticket.

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Re: school-run drivers should behave themselves

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An ill thought out, unconsidered and totally inaccurate comment. Feral cats behave far better than school run drivers.
I have seen the truth and it makes no sense.
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