Nine out of 10 burglaries in London go unsolved

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Nine out of 10 burglaries in London go unsolved

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Nine out of 10 burglaries in London — of both private homes and businesses — go unsolved
The figures emerged as Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said police will not “go in for meaningless activity” and continue to investigate crimes including burglary that have “no investigative opportunities”.

A police watchdog has warned of a shortage of detectives and excessive workloads in CID units across the UK.

The figures, compiled by, show that Hammersmith & Fulham was the worst borough for unsolved burglary, with 61 per cent of its 1,542 burglaries closed with no suspect ever being identified.

In Westminster, which had the second highest number of burglaries last year behind Barnet, investigations into just over half of all its 3,288 break-ins were shut down with no suspect found, and 1,296 further burglaries in the borough were still “under investigation”.

Since 2011, there have been 493,257 recorded burglaries in London, with just eight per cent of them solved.

Londoners lost £928 million in raids with just £35.4 million recovered.

Yvette Cooper, a Labour MP and chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee prior to the election being called, said: “These figures show too many criminals who violate people’s homes are getting away with it.
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Re: Nine out of 10 burglaries in London go unsolved

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Wasn't it Cooper's ex-boss Blair who promised to be "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime"? How did that work out? Not that the Tories have been any better. If you want to reduce any crime the way to do it is with severe sentences including custodial for the first offence, no wishy washy Com Res or Caution. You won't erase crime, there's too many sticky fingered scum who'll steal no matter what the sentences. Coupled with that is the fear (risk) of getting caught. Maybe more police will help that but certainly the knowledge if they are caught a lengthy custodial sentence awaits might be a deterrent. Especially if they know that the prison regime is strict and there's no TV, play station etc.
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Re: Nine out of 10 burglaries in London go unsolved

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A 10% detection rate is about the national average. It was as high as 14% a few years ago IIRC and the Met's rate as low as 6% around two years ago IIRC.
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