Crime wave - Kent cops to blame

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Crime wave - Kent cops to blame

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Crime wave – and it's Kent cops who are to blame

WITH offences ranging from soliciting a prostitute to kidnapping, more than 175 serving Kent Police officers and staff have been arrested, charged or convicted for a wide range of crimes and alleged crimes in recent years.

Records released by Kent Police show that serving officers have been convicted of criminal offences including affray, possession of firearms, misconduct in public office and drink- driving.

A total of 178 serving Kent Police employees were arrested between 2000 and 2010, 165 of them officers and 13 police staff.

Many ended in a conviction and resignation, while other offenders received either conditional discharges or a cautions.

The table stretches back to 1992 and includes a total of 249 cases involving police officers, volunteer special constables and civilian staff.

Some are still employed by Kent Police while others have now left the service, but all were part of the force at the time of their arrests.

Notable cases among the 69 recorded from 2006-2010 include a sergeant arrested in 2008 and later jailed for a string of serious offences including false imprisonment and possession of firearms, a sergeant arrested in 2009 and later convicted of ticket touting and a constable arrested in 2006 and later jailed for perverting the course of justice.

In all three cases, the officers involved were later dismissed from their positions at internal hearings.

The constable who solicited a prostitute in 2009 resigned, while the staff member arrested on suspicion of kidnapping in 2005 was dismissed prior to the court hearing.

A constable who is still serving was arrested on suspicion of threats to kill but was not charged in 2009, while a PCSO who remains in the force was given a final written warning in the same year for drinking alcohol at a "designated football match".

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Adams said: "No one is above the law and anyone who fails to uphold it must face the consequences."

But not all those found guilty of criminal offences are removed from the force – and some remain in service on the streets of the county today.

Examples of staff who remained employed by Kent Police despite their brushes with the law include a constable arrested in 2009 and later fined for careless driving, a PCSO arrested in 2009 and later fined for drink-driving and a sergeant arrested in 2008 and later fined for speeding.

Mr Adams said: "We expect the highest standard of behaviour and professionalism from our officers and staff both at work and in their personal lives.

"The vast majority of them serve Kent with the commitment and dedication our community deserves.

"Kent Police investigates every alleged offence thoroughly and will always bring criminal and disciplinary action when necessary."