monkey chants throughout Serbia game

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monkey chants throughout Serbia game

Post by falkor » Wed Oct 17, 2012 7:26 pm

England Under-21 defender Danny Rose called for Serbia to be banned after claiming he was racially abused by fans in Krusevac.

Fans ran on to the pitch and scuffles broke out as England celebrated a 1-0 win and Euro 2013 qualification.

Rose, 22, said he was subjected to monkey chants throughout the game, starting in the warm-up.
He told Sky Sports: "I had two stones hit me in the head when I went for a throw-in."

Connor Wickham's 94th-minute goal secured a 2-0 aggregate victory in the second leg of the qualifying play-off.

Sunderland's Rose was sent off after the final whistle for kicking the ball away in reaction to the abuse he was receiving.

Prime Minister David Cameron led the calls for Uefa for to impose "tough sanctions" on racism while sports minister Hugh Robertson has written to Uefa president Michel Platini following "extreme provocation and racism" following Tuesday night's game.

Rose described how the chanting started in the warm-up and gradually got worse as the match went on. YOUTUBE YOUTUBE VIDEO

“The FA of Serbia absolutely refuses and denies that there were any occurrences of racism before and during the match at the stadium in Krusevac,” the FSS said on its website

"After 60 minutes my mind wasn't really on the game. I was just so angry and it was so hard to concentrate," he said
"Then we scored and after 90 minutes' worth of abuse, I expressed my emotions as soon as we scored.

"Next thing I know, all the Serbia players were surrounding me, pushing me. I remember getting slapped twice. I got ushered away and that's when I kicked the ball - and then the referee sent me off.

"I don't understand - the game had finished. And then there was more monkey chanting. They should be banned."

Reading striker Jason Roberts told BBC Radio 5 live: "Uefa have shown they have no stomach for this battle. They haven't taken this on in the past; I doubt they will now.

"It's time for players to take action and that's why I've said they should walk off the pitch because, guaranteed, if that happens things will change."