Lock 'jammers' steal cars in a click

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Lock 'jammers' steal cars in a click

Post by falkor » Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:22 pm

Thieves have developed a sophisticated technique that allows them to drive off with some of the most expensive – and apparently most secure – vehicles available. Image
By Claire Duffin 9:45AM GMT 21 Oct 2012
If you think your car is safe once you’ve zapped it with your key fob, then think again.

Thieves have developed a sophisticated technique that allows them to drive off with some of the most expensive – and apparently most secure – vehicles available.

They are using a hi-tech device which can be bought easily online, to get into the car, without the need to even smash a window.

Once inside, they can then access its computer system and, using a second electronic device also available on the internet, reprogramme a blank key to start the vehicle, all in a matter of minutes.

Police have warned that high performance cars across the country are now being taken using this method, with more than 1,000 stolen in this way in the past year in London alone.

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Re: Lock 'jammers' steal cars in a click

Post by Dirrty » Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:17 am

If your blipper don't work most people with common sense would lock it using the key, even if I walk away from my car and forget to blip it, my alarm activates and engages the immobiliser after 30 seconds or so so as soon as you open the unlocked door the siren sounds and you can't start it, never trusted factory alarms I always go Thatcham CAT1 after market from the likes of Toad or Clifford etc.


Re: Lock 'jammers' steal cars in a click

Post by graham77 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:13 pm

This is scary stuff. Car theft in a click, gone with a click. Very very hard to believe in it.


Re: Lock 'jammers' steal cars in a click

Post by EstellShipmen10 » Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:22 am

Yeah true.

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Re: Lock 'jammers' steal cars in a click

Post by powdermonkey » Thu Aug 14, 2014 9:22 pm

Channel 5 broadcast a programme last night called Grand Theft Auto UK and it included the methods criminals use to steal from cars that you might think are secure. It showed a self confessed thief using a jammer to block the signal from the fob but it means that the owner would have to completely miss the fact that the car has neither beeped nor flashed its lights. I suppose it's possible if you're distracted but I always look at my car to check and also make sure I've not left a window open. Maybe I'm more security aware having worked for the police for so long.

As for the targeting of high value cars, it showed the hook & cane method for stealing the car keys and that's the weak link; people not taking enough care over the keys. Modern cars can't be stolen without the keys. The surprising thing is how many people are involved in the organised crime from people looking for a car to steal, one to steal the keys etc. One of the gang members has a home made device that locates tracker devices and has software than can produce a high quality forged log book.

Once again, we and the manufacturers are playing catch up with the thieves. I'm not the most technically minded person, but I wonder if there isn't someway of having a GPS chip, in the engine management unit or a built in sat nav that, without a pin number, shuts the engine down automatically if the car goes a set distance beyond the keeper's address. It'd prevent them being stolen to go abroad & the owner would have the pin number for legitimate journeys abroad.

Call me vicious but I had to smile about one car thief (now reformed we're told) who was responsible for stealing thousands of cars (he claimed). He has spent half his life in prison and now walks with a painful & permanent limp (due to crashing a car) and lives in a grotty flat in Swindon. I couldn't help feeling "serves you right, you thieving sh*t" :sldv: I make no comment on Swindon, having never been there.
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