Injured motorcyclist, 24, taken to hospital by his brother

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Injured motorcyclist, 24, taken to hospital by his brother

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Injured motorcyclist, 24, taken to hospital by his brother after 90 minutes because ambulances were diverted NINE times from crash scene

A motorcyclist badly injured in a crash had to be driven to hospital by his brother after ambulances sent to get him were diverted nine times.

David Pinion, 24, lay in agony for 90 minutes after suffering extensive internal bruising in the crash as a paramedic at the scene desperately tried to organise an ambulance.

But the paramedic was eventually told that the ambulances en route had to be diverted to 'more serious' incidents nine times and it would be best if the patient made his own way to the hospital.
Crash scene: David Pinion, 24, lying at the side of road underneath blankets while his brother tries to help him up to take him to the hospital

It is unclear how many ambulances had been dispatched.

Mr Pinion, whose waist had ballooned from 42in to 48in because of the swelling, was forced to ask the paramedic to call his brother to pick him up from the scene of the accident in Ely, Cambridge on October 14.

The injured biker then had to be lifted off the road by his brother Robert and friend Chris Boon who drove him to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge.

Mr Pinion also suffered damage to his pelvis and ankle and was given morphine by hospital staff to ease his pain.

Mr Pinion, from Prickwillow, Cambridge,said: 'The rapid response paramedic who got to me first was brilliant.

'She couldn't have done any more for me, but the people on the radio said they couldn't get an ambulance to me.

'They kept diverting them to more incidents because I was deemed not serious enough.

'The paramedic was arguing with them and telling them I could have been bleeding internally but they just said they were sorry and there was nothing they could do.

'Fortunately I didn't suffer any broken bones but I was in so much pain that I really wouldn't want to know what a broken bone feels like.'

But Mr Pinion's angry family called for improvements to the ambulance service before lives are lost by delayed response times.

Mr Pinion's mother Vanessa said: 'Does someone have to die before we have a decent, reliable ambulance service with a reasonable response time?'

An East of England Ambulance Service spokesman said: 'This incident has already been raised by the Trust for investigation because the wait for transport to hospital was not acceptable.

'The patient was assessed on-scene by a paramedic, who arrived within six minutes, as not being in a life-threatening condition and during this exceptionally busy time all ambulances which became available had to be diverted to life-threatening calls.'

Anyone else having problems with ambos?

The above story is the norm where I work and the way they are grading their response just means that the odd "white lie" gets told.