Tom Cruise’s Scientology church

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Tom Cruise’s Scientology church

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  • Secret New Mexico base is built to withstand a nuclear attack
  • It reportedly holds the original texts of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard
  • Scientologists reportedly believe in sinister extraterrestrial emperor Xenu
  • But church leaders routinely deny this or any talk of aliens
  • BBC reporter John Sweeney investigated site for new book
[/size] By Daniel Miller 3 January 2013
The religion, which believes a sinister extraterrestrial being called Xenu brought billions of people to earth in spaceships similar to DC8 airliners, operates a giant underground base hidden deep within the New Mexico desert.

BBC reporter John Sweeney, who famously clashed with Scientologists during a Panorama report in 2007, travelled to the site dubbed Scientology's 'alien space cathedral', to research a new book
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Re: Tom Cruise’s Scientology church

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Emperor Xenu sounds pretty amazing. :slarr:
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