Nurses on police patrols to deal with mental health cases

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Nurses on police patrols to deal with mental health cases

Post by falkor » Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:33 pm

Nurses are to go on patrol with four police forces across England to improve responses to mental health emergencies.
BBC NEWS 27 June 2013
The pilot scheme aims to ensure fewer people with mental health problems are detained in the wrong environment, the government says.

Street triage teams are to be tested in the Derbyshire, Devon & Cornwall, North Yorkshire and Sussex force areas.

The patrols are part of an initiative funded by the Department of Health and backed by the Home Office.

Home Secretary Theresa May recently said one of the biggest blocks to officers was time taken up dealing with people with mental health problems.

Cell use criticised

It has been estimated they spend between 15-25% of their time dealing with such situations.

Last week, watchdog bodies in England and Wales also said too many mentally ill people were being held in police cells rather than being monitored in hospitals or other similar settings.

A joint investigation by Her Majesty's Inspectorates of Constabulary and Prisons, the Care Quality Commission and the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales called for a rethink of how powers are used to detain people in a "place of safety".

Current guidance says police should take the mentally ill to a hospital or similar location in all but exceptional circumstances, but the investigation said detention in police cells was far from an exceptional occurrence

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Re: Nurses on police patrols to deal with mental health case

Post by Arthur ASCII » Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:11 am

Our Mental Health Crisis Team don't work weekends anymore. Consequently, if someone phones their emergency line because they are suicidal, they are told to phone 999.

We then exercise our duty of care and escort the unhappy person to the town A&E, where they are left (usually with a couple of quid for a coffee from our own pockets) for assessment. Invariably, they are later sent home, only to go around the loop again.

It is not unusual to be called to the same person half a dozen times or more over a weekend.
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