The future of travel

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The future of travel

Post by Bert Moffat » Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:13 am ... -mins.html

The future of travel: Billionaire Paypal founder unveils plans for the 'Hyperloop' that will 'shoot' passengers from LA to San Francisco in THIRTY MINUTES

Paypal billionaire Elon Musk has revealed plans for a radical new ‘hyperloop’ transport system that could ‘shoot’ passengers 380 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes.

Travellers enter aluminium pods mounted by skis either to their feet or to their cars.

The pods, mounted above the ground on columns 50 to 100 yards apart, travel through steel tubes, reaching speeds of up to 800mph and travelling on a cushion of air.

The entrepreneur, who is also behind electric car firm Tesla and space company SpaceX, says the system could be built for less than a high speed rail link.

Musk told Bloomberg Business Week the system would be ‘like getting a ride on Space Mountain at Disneyland.’It would have less lateral acceleration—which is what tends to make people feel motion sick—than a subway ride, as the pod banks against the tube like an airplane,' he said. ‘It would feel supersmooth.’

'The Hyperloop (or something similar) is, in my opinion, the right solution for the specific case of high traffic city pairs that are less than about 1500 km or 900 miles apart,' he claimed.

Musk boasted on Twitter he has been working on the plan all night after promising to release the details today, creating massive speculation online over its technology.



Musk said he started thinking about the idea when plans for a 130mph (210km/h) high-speed train connection between LA and San Francisco were revealed, but now he has detailed his own version on Tesla's site.

‘I originally started thinking about [Hyperloop] when I read about California's high-speed rail project which was somewhat disappointing,’ he told a Google Hangout with Richard Branson last week.

‘It's actually worse than taking the plane. I get a little sad when things are not getting better in the future.Another example would be like the Concorde being retired and the fact there is no supersonic passenger transport. I think that is sad. You want the future to be better than the past, or at least I do.’

The entrepreneur made his fortune with the internet payment system PayPal before switching his skills into developing the new Falcon rocket system for Nasa and the Tesla electric car.

Mr Musk claims Hyperloop would be a practical solution for city pairs separated by 1,000 miles (1,600km) or less. Beyond this distance, it would be better to take a plane, he explained.