Calling all coffee addicts

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Calling all coffee addicts

Post by powdermonkey »

I'm after people's opinions and experiences. I have a Lavazza coffee pod machine that unfortunately has started to leak water like an incontinent drunk. I don't think it's worth paying for a repair (it's well out of warranty) because I can get a new one for less than £100 and my birthday's coming up. :D

So, before I start dropping very unsubtle hints to my beloved one, does anyone else have a coffee pod machine? I'm interested in what type, how easy to use and clean, cost of pods and how a basic espresso compares to a high street coffee shop such as Costa. At the moment I'm thinking of a straight forward replacement as I like Lavazza coffee and, as we drink just espressos or flat whites, another Lavazza machine would probably suit me.

I'm particularly interested in opinions on Tassimo/Dolce Gusta/Nespresso machines but I've seen a Gaggia machine on offer. It uses either coffee grounds or what's known as ESE (easy serving espresso) pods. If anyone uses these ESE pods, how easy are they to obtain? Do the supermarkets stock them (couldn't tell online) or is it an online purchase only?

As I drink quite a bit of coffee (but not instant!!) it's important to me to get the choice of machine etc right. I'm looking at about £100 budget.
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