Cyclists should have number plates says PCC

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Cyclists should have number plates says PCC

Post by falkor »

Image – Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

Cyclists should wear identification similar to number plates on vehicles so it is easier to prosecute them, a police commissioner said.

It will "make life easier for everybody" if cyclist are held to account in the same way drivers are, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne said.

However, campaigners in Brighton have dismissed the idea as "totally unrealistic", according to The Argus.

While Mrs Bourne admitted the idea was "one for the legislators", she told a public meeting there was a "debate that should be had".

I would like to see cyclists wear some form of identification like cars have. So when they go through traffic lights, you can actually identify them and then you can prosecute them for breaking the law she said
She told the newspaper after the meeting that the idea had been "at the back of my mind for a long time".

There have been occasions when I have been sat at red lights and seen cyclists go through.

And it is never the responsible cyclists that do this – the ones that belong to the clubs, they are great, they are the ones that adhere to all the laws, so it is the few that ruin it for the many.

Tony Green, 67, of the Brighton and Hove Cycling Campaign, dismissed the idea saying administrative and practical reasons made it "totally unrealistic".
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Re: Cyclists should have number plates says PCC

Post by powdermonkey »

I think most road users who have seen cyclists ignore red lights, give way signs, ride with no lights etc will think it's a good idea not only to have registration plates but to have specific insurance e.g. third party at least. I've read articles which suggest a claim could be made on the cyclists' house insurance but I don't know if that's correct & you'd have to identify them in the first place.

The question I have is this : is it a financially viable proposition to devise and implement? Not all cyclists use the road. What about children? Should there be a law that states you cannot ride a bike on a public road under the age of 17 and until you have passed a test? Should bikes have something similar to an MOT? Should helmets be compulsory as with motorbikes? Hi vis clothing? Should it be a public order offence to be overweight and wearing lycra (I'm alarmed at some of the sights I see & I feel I have a fairly strong stomach)?

If such a system was implemented, what would public perception be? That the govt is trying to save lives and reduce road rage or that it's yet another way of revenue raising?

One of my bug bears is the cyclist who rides on the pavement but gives no warning as s/he approaches pedestrians. They're the ones I have happily given a ticket to. If I were to do every cyclist on the footpath, there'd be days when I'd get little else done. Probably run out of tickets in a few days as well.
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