upgrading from Windows7/ 8 to 10

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upgrading from Windows7/ 8 to 10

Post: # 198923Post falkor
Sat Aug 08, 2015 5:31 pm

how did you get on? have you upgraded yet? :slwo:

I have had a windows7 PC for a couple of years, quite happy with it

I saw on facebook a pal of mine said they upgraded to windows10 in 5 hours, downloading/ sorting out/ everything so I thought I would give it a try

You press a small windows icon bottom right of your screen, this does not upgrade you, it does put you "in the queue" though

To avoid 'the queue' there are guides out there that show you what to do, if you're in a hurry you can just "sort it" yourself allegedly

Anyway, I stayed "in the queue" and within 7 days I noticed a blue 4" x 4" panel appeared by the windows icon saying "COME ON DOWN" well it didn't say that but basically you're UP!!

so from there to Windows 10 it was literally 2 or 3 hours - job done, pretty happy with it AND everytime you start the computer now, you get a choice "WINDOWS7" or "WINDOWS10" so if you don't like it.....

pretty impressed! no mishaps, no errors, no problems :mrgreen: they did a good job !! HOW DID YOU GET ON? :slch2:

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Re: upgrading from Windows7/ 8 to 10

Post: # 198929Post powdermonkey
Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:50 pm

Interesting. I'm somewhat wary of upgrading due to my experience changing from 8 to 8.1

My laptop came with 8 preinstalled and I was happy with it. Then I upgraded to 8.1 which f****d up my laptop. It took me 2 weeks to get it sorted with numerous calls to HP and Microsoft, problems with the product key and ended up with a full system system restore thing.

Some months later I ended up with a forced upgrade to 8.1 and there are still some lingering niggles months later. My laptop has fingerprint security which unlocks it and also auto filled certain website log in details. I can unlock with a finger swipe but the auto fill no longer works. This really p*ssed me off. It's my laptop, I paid good money for it, so it should be down to me to decide what goes on it, not some faceless Yank thousands of miles away. :slra:

I have seen no improvements anywhere else - 8.1 does not seem to be any improvement over 8 and I don't know what 10 will offer that I must have.

At the moment I'm also having problems with my printer which behaves like a stroppy teenager. If I could turn society back a few years to pen and paper I would do the way I'm feeling at the moment. :slrnt:
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Re: upgrading from Windows7/ 8 to 10

Post: # 198936Post The Highway Man
Tue Aug 25, 2015 5:53 pm

Finally managed it after a week. I had to wipe my hard drive clean and start from scratch. Making sure all my updates and drivers were current before starting the upgrade.
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Re: upgrading from Windows7/ 8 to 10

Post: # 198942Post Big Brother
Wed Sep 02, 2015 2:10 pm

I have upgraded from 7 to 10. 10 is brilliant. Noticeably faster, takes up loads less space on my drive. Not had a single issue/crash in a month. 100% recommend.
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