Motorway Patrol UK

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Motorway Patrol UK

Post by falkor »

“We’re not frustrated coppers,” says Tony, who used to work in the control centre at Southern Water (Mike is a qualified advanced driving instructor), after he has climbed back into the car and extinguished the ‘Stop’ message. “In fact, sometimes, we get frustrated with the coppers.”
Mike steers the Discovery to the hard shoulder, and the M26 grand prix resumes. I scan the passing cars for a raised finger. Not one.
“We do get abuse,” says Mike. “They know we have limited powers [TOs have no powers of arrest and cannot drive above 70mph, but they can stop a vehicle if they believe it is unsafe] but occasionally they thank us for getting them away safely.”
And for the TOs, it is all about safety. A few minutes later, as we’re heading towards the M25 at the TOs’ preferred 60mph cruise (“We don’t get in the way of slower trucks or faster cars and can spot things”) that instinct for safety is pressed into action when the TOs spot a broken-down Porsche 911 on the opposite carriageway. There’s no hard shoulder and the car has come to a halt, half on the verge, half in the road. Last December, in England, 16 vehicles stranded on the
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Re: Motorway Patrol UK

Post by JimmyRiddle »

Abuse for what? Trying to help people? The fact they're not law enforcement should tell people they're there to help them and not trying to do them for speeding etc.

With the PCSO role I can understand it's confusing as it's a half law enforcement and half not. Very confusing to the public, supervisors and PCSOs themselves. I can understand why people (unreasonably) assume a PCSO is a wannabe, but to give abuse to a HATO? What is wrong with people.

Living abroad has shown me just how acutely aware Brits are to someone's "status". It's like a checklist goes off in their head: "Is this person better than me or do they think they are?... They're just a PCSO/HATO etc so they can't do anything and are a failed cop so get lost", thus asserting their status as above you. Another small victory. I have also come to the conclusion they are so eagre to kick off, insult someone, be aggressive, sour grapes, difficulty containing that anger that bubbles just under the surface.

Yes Americans are also totally bizarre, but fudge me Brits are also a very odd bunch...
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